13 Days of Halloween: Horror Short Review: A Halloween Horror Story (2021)

A solid horror short from ACMofficial, A Halloween Horror Story is less than 3 minutes long and delivers the short and sharp goods you might expect.

Written and directed by Alex Magaña, A Halloween Horror Story sees Ashley (Rachel Wirtz) and Grace (Stevie Sailor-Marie) leaving a costume party. Ashley realises she doesn’t have her phone and Grace heads back in to see if she can find it for her.

While waiting, a masked figure at the other end of the hall begins to walk towards her with purpose, prompting her get her mace spray ready. However, it’s just some guy waiting for a girl and they leave together. Grace comes back having not found the phone and Ashley tries to call it using her phone. Someone answers but all she hears is breathing. When she tries again, it goes straight to voicemail.

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The two women separate in the parking garage and Ashley gets in her car. As she’s getting ready to drive away, the sound of buzzing and vibration can be heard coming from her boot. Puzzled, she gets out and opens it. What’s inside? Her phone. What happens next? Check it out below to find out.

There’s nothing special here but nothing to get annoyed about either. It’s a ‘par for the course’ ACMOfficial short with a mild Halloween twist. The highlight coming from the initial tense moment in the hall and a solid jump scare at the end.



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A Halloween Horror Story (2021)
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