Top 10 things to try in Metal Gear Solid

We all love a bit of Snake, right? For many of us this was our first meeting with the Solid one & what a meeting it was. The game left a lasting impression on me & I’m enjoying playing through it again at the moment even if I am not quite as good as I once was. The game is big with many areas to explore & go back over if you choose & there are many things you can do & see. Here are my recommended 10 things you should definitely see or do as you make your way through the game.

Be warned: here be many spoilers!

No.10 – Become a box!


Throughout the game you can find 3 different cardboard boxes which Snake can hide in. Hide yourself in the box & stop in the middle of a walkway & a guard will take notice but put yourself up against the wall & you have a great hiding place. Tailing after a lone guard while hiding in the box is still fun! Also should you wait long enough you will be whisked away to one of the destinations on the box by the guards.

No.9 – Meryl & her ass.


Not content with checking her arse out while she ran down a hallway Snake would have to identify Meryl when she is in guard uniform by her ‘asset’. Once she notices you she will run off to the ladies toilet. Follow her quickly & she will not have enough time to change resulting in the next cut scene being done with her in her pants.

No.8 – Psycho Mantis & his tricks.


Ok this one isn’t technically something you can do, it is something you have to do to progress the game, I just think it is very clever. Not content with using Meryl as his willing puppet, mind reading nut Psycho Mantis will read exactly what your doing so shooting him is impossible. He will dodge everything while laughing at you. The way to get around this is to unplug the controller from the first slot & put it in the 2nd, Mantis will no longer be able to read your mind & will let you know it!

No.7 – Liquid Snake survived!?


How do you survive parachuting out of a crashing Hind D helicopter? Wouldn’t the rotor blades rip you to shreds? Not if your name is Liquid Snake! After you take down Sniper Wolf go to the right of the map & you will see what looks like a parachute in a tree. Lean against the wall & the camera will flip back to show the full thing. How did he do that?

No.6 – Otacon the coward!


After the scene where Grey Fox scares Otacon so much he wets himself he will hide in the metal cupboard. During the fight with Grey Fox go to the cupboard & start tapping on it to hear the sound of a man bricking it!

No.5 – A wolves best friend.


Going through the wolf cave can be a bit a hazardous to your health as they will attack you on sight. You can fight them off if you want (punching the pups is kind of funny) or you can make friends. How? Well the easiest way is to hide in your box & wait for one of them to wee on it. They will no longer attack you because you now smell like them. The other option is when you kill Sniper Wolf she will give you a handkerchief that smells of her, the wolves will think you are her from now on.

No.4 – Prison break.


Once Snake has been captured & tortured he will be locked in a cell with a dead body & a pissed off guard. This guard is the one who Meryl beat up & stripped so now he has a cold as well. Don’t forget to keep tapping on the walls to annoy the hell out of him but the real goal here is too escape & there are a number of options. The most obvious is just to wait it out, Gray Fox will come after a while & break you out but before then there are 2 ways you can get out quicker. Wait until the guard has to go to the toilet & hide under the bed, when he comes back he will rush into the room thinking you have vanished. The other is to wait until Otacon comes, he will give you ketchup & then leave. Again wait until the guard goes to the loo, lie down & use the ketchup. The guard will come back & freak out, rushing in.

No.3 – wind Mei-Ling up.


Her main role in the game is to save when you need to as well as dispense ancient proverbs. She is sweet & innocent but call her too many times without saving & watch the fireworks!

No.2 – get mocked by Meryl.


Once you return to the area where Sniper Wolf shot at you & you were then captured, Meryl will show you a path through the mines. Should you detour & then get blown up by a mine Meryl will start whistling at you & slapping her butt. Strange girl….

No.1 – Ghostly goings-on.


Once you have unlocked the camera the opportunity to take ghostly photos of the staff comes up. There are many dotted throughout the game but can be difficult to find as often the camera has to be properly aligned.

So there we have it. 10 things you should see or do in Metal Gear Solid, thankfully it is a game filled with easer eggs so there are still plenty more for you too see!

Thanks for reading!


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