Track by Track: Efreeti – Man of Sand

After the release of their single “Its Inner Pain” back in February, Norwegian metallers Efreeti are back with a new record, “Man of Sand”, officially out since March 8th!

“Expect a mixture of accordion, heavy riffs, slow headbanging, and tremolo guitars! I think we got a pretty distinct sound throughout the songs on the album. So, if you enjoyed “Its Inner Pain”, you will probably enjoy the rest of the album!”, comments Kristian Wangberg.

He continues: “There are songs for different tastes. If you want to groove out and bang your head, there’s songs for that. Or, if you want a long story-based song, we got you covered.

In the end, we tried to make a clear and easy to listen to album. There are still lots of details hidden, but the main riffs and feel is generally easy to pick up on! Hope you’ll enjoy this new record!”

Out since March 8th, “Man of Sand” is a very strong showing Efreeti. Frontman Kristian Wangberg is now here to reveal an exclusive track by track, that you can find below!

Efreeti 2

Man of Sand tracklist:

1. Man of Sand
2. King of What
3. Win the Pain Away
4. Its inner pain
5. I’m right, right?
6. Smile of Death
7. 100BC

“Man Of Sand”: Our title track. Not because I think its the best song, or summarizes our music. But it underlines what I enjoy thematicly. The song describes a man lost in the desert for a lifetime. He is taught dark magic by the efreet as he warms himself by the fireside. And as he grows old, a trader walks by and sees him. As a good man, the trader brings him to the nearest town to take care of him, but as darkness falls, the city is engulfed in flames and lights up the night sky.

“King of What”: Opposed to the title track, this is more a political statement than mythical. There are very few lines in the song, but they are filled with meaning. There are leaders full of hypocrisy and ignorance, pulling the strings of everyone unable to tell their opinions. And I hope these people will lose their immortality, and let smart, sensible people take over their leadership.

“Win the Pain Away”: This song is about over-confident people, going hard, not really understanding consequence. When you lie in the sun it feels good, but lie too long and you will get sunburnt. And when you get sunburnt, you can be sure its not your own fault. Maybe more sun is the answer?

“It’s Inner Pain”: This song is a more artistic representation of meeting a demon. The song describes “I met its inner pain” although I never had this experience, its a story I enjoy in my head. Our latest music video features this song, and vaguely resembles what I imagine when I listen to this song. Its about the draining feeling of the demon’s eyes, the tricks it will play, and the certain death that will follow.

“I’m Right, Right?”: Another political piece. This is a critique to people with more extreme opinions that want to limit other’s speech. I dont want to watch my toungue to please another’s opinion. We can agree to disagree, but I would hate to see laws forbidding free speech!

“Smile of Death”: This is a story about a woman possessed by the Efreet who needs to find a way out. She, and the people around her, knows the only way is to burn the body, and proceeds to do so. As she prepares for death, the flames shoot across the moonlit sky. Although her screams of pain are terrifying, but the relief of the demon gone spreads happiness through the people watching. As the ashes fall around, her daughter smiles for the first time, and evil perishes with the rain.

“100BC”: Another story, about a caravan of traders and camels walking in the desert. A man tricked his way into the group, and is walking among them. In the middle of the trip, far from civilization, the man strikes and kills his fellow travelers. And with the blood of his enemies, he summons the Efreet and offers it world domination. The Efreet doesn’t care.

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