Top 10 Movie Sequels That Should Not Exist

This is a top 10 that isn’t just about bad sequels…that’s the kind of list that could take days to narrow down. No, this is a top 10 about bad sequels that just didn’t need to be made. You know the type, the first film was definitive without leaving a sequel hook or it considered such an important piece that a sequel just seems silly.

Well here are 10 that happened anyway…enjoy.

10 – Fright Night 2


What makes this sequel even stranger is that the first had an ending that hinted at a sequel but was completely ignored in favour of this. Instead we got a rehashed story involving the sister of the vampire from the first movie after revenge. Several of the main cast reprises their roles but what was once charming & fun seems silly now. It’s not a terrible movie but just feels so unnecessary & takes some of the mystery out of the original vampire’s origins.

9 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


You know what was missing from the first movie? Black comedy! Yeah, have you ever heard anyone say that? Texas Chainsaw 2 manages to drop what made the first such an eventful movie & instead turns up the dial on the gore & wacky comedy. It’s a puzzle as to why a sequel was made in the first place (quite a few now) & even more strange that it went down this route especially with such good casting (Dennis Hopper, Bill Moseley).

8 – Pet Sematary 2


There isn’t a sequel to the book yet somehow we ended up with a sequel. Pet Sematary follows the same sort of premise as the first except on a grander scale. Here we get a reanimated dog, a reanimated step-father, a re-animated bully & a re-animated mother. The ending is so awkward to watch & feels so false. It is not a good film & really messes around with some the better ideas set out in the first.

7 – Poltergeist 2: The Other Side


So that whole plot-point about the house being built on top of a graveyard was pointless huh? Giving the poltergeist a physical form was a mixed result for me. On the one hand he is a creepy mo-fo but on the other hand it basically pisses all over the important plot points of the original. There were a few too many far-fetched moments for my liking as well such as the Tequila maggot scene & the trip to the other side (which looked soooo bad). Crazily enough, there would actually be a third Poltergeist movie.

6 – The Exorcist 2: The Heretic


Yeah, a sequel to one of the most ground-breaking horror movies ever, this actually happened & it is so bad. The films focuses on the same girl from the first but now she is 16 & her memories of what happened are repressed. An attempt to make a lighter, happier Exorcist movie fell completely flat & what we get is one of the most ridiculous possession movies ever. So bad that it will actually affect how you feel about the original.

5 – Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows


There is actually a decent argument for a sequel to the impressive Blair Witch movie but not this kind of sequel. For starters a bigger budget meant Blair Witch 2 strayed completely away from the found-footage style of the first & instead became a glossy, special effects laden mess. So much of the movie makes no sense & the decision to make this one acknowledge that the original was just a movie was horrible idea. This film single-handily killed any hope for the future of the Blair Witch.

4 – The Rage: Carrie 2


I know, right? It even manages to link itself to the first by a returning survivor who is the school counsellor & conveniently finds out that one of the students is Carries half-sister. You know what that means? Embarrassment, humiliation & crazy mind-powers! Yeah…this is a stinker & one that makes no sense. I just don’t understand why someone thought to link it up to the first Carrie at all & that title? What is that about?

3 – American Psycho 2: All American Girl


How many of you actually knew there was a sequel to the extremely clever & controversial serial killer movie American Psycho? Well you do now & how catchy is that title? It links to the first in an opening scene where a 12 year old girl stabs Bateman after he kills her babysitter. Said little girl is the American Psycho in this movie…its’ just nonsense telling a story of a killer that feels too thought out. It fails to capture any of the magic of the first & is just a chore to watch.

2 – Day of the Dead 2: Contagium


What the hell is a Contagium?

This is actually supposed to be a direct sequel to Romero’s Day of the Dead but manages to mess up the plot & the style of zombies. This movie tries to cash in on the good name of the original while not caring 1 bit about the history involved. I hate this film…

1 – Look What Happened To Rosemary’s Baby (Rosemary’s Baby 2)


Ha, can you believe they actually made a sequel to Rosemary’s Baby? A TV movie that came in 3 sections & bared little resemblance to the original. We really didn’t need an expanded Rosemary’s Baby universe & certainly didn’t need to see what the boy was doing now. That it ends with Rosemary’s baby having a baby to effectively continue the story is even more laughable.


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