The Best Budget AWP Skins in 2022

AWP is dangerous and, at the same time, one of the most effective weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which can be recognized by the characteristic sound of the shot and the only rule. One shot equals one corpse. If it falls into the hands of a skilled player, it will be very difficult to resist. With it, you can control large areas of the map and punish your opponents for mindless exits without using grenades.

Some of you already have good shooting skills with the AWP, while others are still learning. However, no player can refuse beautiful skins on this weapon, as well as make some money on this. So, the training process will be more enjoyable, and it will be possible to show off to teammates.

CS:GO AWP is a single-shot mode used by Counter-Terorrists and Terrorists alike. The clip holds 10 rounds. Additionally, there are three more magazines. That is a total of 40 rounds per game. Reloading takes 3.6 seconds. DMarket is pleased to sell CS:GO AWP skins such as AWP | Asiimov and many others. In this article, we will look at the best budget AWP skins in 2022.

AWP | Worm God

The coloring features a white and olive skull pattern on the buttstock and intertwined roots on the body, applied with resistant enamel paint. This skin is of forbidden quality from the Chrome Case #2 collection. AWP | Worm God (Minimal Wear) costs $2.

AWP | Acheron

This sniper rifle is water-printed with a multicolored bone pattern in beige and gray tones. It’s an army-quality skin from the 2018 Nuke collection. For Field-Tested exterior, the price starts at $2.20.

AWP | Pit Viper

The coloring features a rich green snakeskin pattern that is water-printed. Great for fans of snake themes. It’s a sniper rifle from the Italy collection. The Minimal Wear exterior cost starts at $1.40.

AWP | Phobos

This sniper rifle is made in dark green from metal panels and reliable electronic parts in a futuristic style. The creator says he was inspired by the movie Blade Runner. The coloring is of forbidden quality from the Gamma collection. The Minimal Wear exterior cost starts at $2.15.

AWP | Sun in Leo

This skin, with the help of aqua-printing, is printed with patterns based on the signs of the zodiac. Fans of dark blue will like this skin. It’s an industrial quality sniper rifle from The Gods and Monsters Collection. The Minimal Wear exterior version cost starts at $3.


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