Horror Short Review: Worth the Weight (2023)

An excellent horror short based around body dysmorphia, Worth the Weight comes from writer and director, Vincent Dormani. It stars Cielo Gomez and Austin Pigza.

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The former plays Olivia, a girl suffering from body dysmorphia and desperate to lose weight before her senior prom. Her obsession is relatable, especially for girls her age, and in a short amount of time, both the actor and the writing portray her issues strongly.

A knock at the door gets her attention. She is home alone, seemingly, so she answers it and finds a box on the doorstep. Taking it inside, she opens it and finds a dirty leaflet advertising a premium drink blend called ‘Worth the Weight’. It promises that the pounds will melt off you if you drink one a day.

How could someone like Olivia turn down this opportunity? Especially as a bottle of the stuff is included in the box. Would you try it if you were desperate to lose weight?

Check it out below to find out what happens next. It’s a classy horror short that gleefully entertains throughout, has plenty of gross moments, and a very disturbing payoff.


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Worth the Weight (2023)
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