Horror Movie Review: Grim (1995)

Monster movies of the 90s really struggled. Seemingly having run out of ideas & suffering the hangover of the untamed 80s. A lack of interest in horror (something that would change a year later with Scream) saw low-budget & unimpressive films made & go straight to VHS/DVD. The middle of the 90s was a rough time for horror.

Grim is one such film. A film that has a visual quality of a low-budget 80s horror but none of the flair & even less of the imagination. Vapid & soulless characters, poor acting, questionable plot points & a disappointing monster.

Grim 2

The story centres around a group of who head into the caves below town seemingly to find hidden gold. However two in particular have a different reason to be down there. They’re on a monster hunt!

This thing was summoned by a group of ‘youngsters’ while messing with a Ouija board. It kidnapped one of their number & has now taken a liking to materialising in people’s houses. Yes, this monster can do that.

It’s up to this group of cave-goers to hunt the beast, kill it & rescue its captives.

Grim 3

Be prepared to be bored, Grim isn’t just wholly unoriginal, it’s near offensive in just how bland & boring it is. Offering nothing new, there are a hundred other monster movies that did something similar with far better results.

With characters this forgettable it’s amazing just how much time is actually focused on them. Long scenes of nothing in the worst cave set possible. If you manage to make it in far enough to see more of the monster you’ll feel like you shouldn’t have bothered. It’s not worth it.

Grim 4

A cheap rubber suit & motivations that make little sense, his abilities seem more based on just how stupid or deaf the cast are. For example, a strangulation occurs mere yards away from the rest & they don’t hear a thing. This level of absurdity exists throughout but to make things worse, it’s just not entertaining.

Grim 5

The choppy editing, lack of scares and lacklustre finale all but confirms the waste of time that Grim is. It can’t even be given credit for gore as here everything looks fake & plastic. Avoid.

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