Horror Movie Review: Ghost Rig (2003)

What’s a worse name for a horror movie about ghostly things occurring on a rig? The ‘on point’ title of Ghost Rig? Or the ‘what’ title of The Devil’s Tattoo? Both are the titles this movie goes under, although it is the former that it is best known as.

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Directed by Julian Kean and starring Jaason Simmons, Bryan Carney, Juliet Diamond, and Noel Fitzpatrick. Ghost Rig sees a group of environmental activists boarding a ‘soon to be sunk’ rig to stop the perceived environmental disaster that is about to be caused. The rig is supposed to be staffed by a skeleton crew of maintenance workers but the activists find it seemingly abandoned as they search around.


…and search around, all while saying words that mean absolutely nothing. If you’re wondering why Ghost Rig doesn’t have a whole of ghostly goings-on, join the bloody queue. The movie is excruciatingly slow and it does not have the actors or characters to hold anyone’s attention.

When stuff finally starts to happen, it grinds to an immediate halt again, just so these walking cliches can talk about it again. It is so frustrating and most will just give up and turn this rubbish off. Particularly when it becomes clear that it’s dragging its heels because it has nothing to offer. It’s nothing but characters walking about in the dark, behaving like absolute morons, spouting off idiotic dialogue, played by actors who clearly wish they were anywhere but there.

If they don’t give a shit, why should we?

So what’s actually happening on the Ghost Rig? It’s some sort of body-jumping demon. One that possess people and uses them to be all nefarious and stuff. Maybe, it’s hard to tell as Ghost Rig is so boring, staying awake is a a real problem.

Why is there a body-jumping demon on this rig? It’s because someone summoned it as it has the power to heal. The person wants to use the demon to fix their ills. A questionable idea when you think about it, but par for the course with this movie.

Ghost Rig or The Devil’s Tattoo is a bad movie because of how little it tries. The basic concept is fine, even if it’s not exactly inspired. However, the delivery is shockingly poor. When it comes down to it, it commits the ultimate horror sin. Don’t be boring, and god-damn, Ghost Rig is boring.


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Ghost Rig (2003)
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