Horror Movie Review: Demon Wind (1990)

Demon Wind is a 1990 horror movie directed by Charles Philip Moore. A movie that is part glorious B-movie goodness, part utter train wreck but topped off with plenty of entertaining scenes.

Everyone will find one thing they love about Demon Wind. Whether it be the god-awful acting, the great make-up effects, the cheesy CGI, the gory violence or the bat-shit crazy ending. There’s so much wrong with Demon Wind it starts to feel right. The perfect example of a ‘so bad it’s good’ horror movie.

It’s terrible but brilliant.

Demon Wind 2

The movie opens in 1931 at a farm where we see a body being burned on the cross. Inside a woman is trying to stop a demonic force from entering the house. Barricading the door, she seemingly succeeds until she turns around to discover that her husband has transformed into a demon and he kills her.

It’s a confusing but visually impressive start. The demonic make-up looks great.

Demon Wind 4

Many years later a young man named Cory (Eric Larson) heads to the farm that was featured in the beginning of the film. Cory is the grandson of the elderly pair involved in the demon attack years earlier and following the suicide of his father, wishes to find out what happened to his grandparents.

Along with a group of his friends, he arrives at the farm and instantly things start to go wrong. A deep fog rolls in that leads them back to the farm every time they try to leave.

Demon Wind 5

Then out of the fog come demons, vicious and blood-thirsty monsters. The group come under attack with many falling prey to possession and becoming demons themselves. The only safe place is the farmhouse itself with some sort of protective force stopping the demons from entering.

Part Evil Dead, part Lamberto Bava’s Demons, Part Night of the Demons…Demon Wind takes inspiration from a collection of horror movies far superior to it. So many times, you’ll get that feel of familiarity as the demons here are talkative and wise-cracking a lot of the time.

Demon Wind 3

The entertainment comes from just how cheesy the film is. From awful acting, to cringe-inducing dialogue, to hilarious effects and an ending that is absolutely absurd, Demon Wind is a surprising amount of fun. It isn’t trying to be Citizen Kane, it’s all too aware of what it is and plays up to that. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all but never feels like a horror-comedy either.

Demon Wind 6

Enjoy it for what it is. A silly, gory and occasionally gross demonic romp.

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Demon Wind
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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