Horror Movie Review: Camp Blood 2 (2000)

Proof that no matter how rubbish your film is, anyone can make a sequel and in the case of the Camp Blood films, many…many sequels. You can read our review of the first Camp Blood here.

Camp Blood 2 looks to continue the story set out in the first in lazy and cliched fashion. It has got many of the same problems as the first film but with one major improvement. This sequel is watchable! What a time to be alive! A horror movie that doesn’t make you want to scoop our both your eyeballs. Maybe just one because Camp Blood 2 is still a torrid affair. About as much fun as getting a brick launched at your head.

Camp Blood 2 2

The lone survivor of the last film has been institutionalised and accused of the murders. Since she killed the killer there is zero proof that she didn’t do it. We catch back up with her as she sits in a padded room in a straight-jacket. This detail is important as it shows that she is being treated as though she is criminally insane. A danger to herself and others.

So it’s amazing that a director, wanting to make a movie about the events of the first film is allowed to talk to her. But wait…there is more! Not only does he get to talk to her but he asks her to be part of the movie as an expert!

She initially refuses but eventually agrees thinking it will help her move on. Amazingly she is allowed to leave the hospital and accompany the crew to the shoot!

Camp Blood 2 3

Utterly absurd. She has been accused of multiple murders and is locked away. Yet she is allowed to just leave the hospital. Not only that but the director seems to hold some power as he threatens to have her sent back if she doesn’t tow the line.

The rest of the cast and crew seem to not really care about what she did. Asking her to tell the tale as if it’s some campfire ghost story. Possibly the dumbest plot point in a horror movie ever. If the cheap and sub-par cinematography doesn’t take you out of it, this will.

It’s a pity as beyond that, the plot is solid if wholly unoriginal. People go into the woods to film a movie then get stalked and murdered by a mask wearing clown.

Camp Blood 2 4

The mask is different this time but is still nothing more then a Halloween store bargain basement purchase. Unlike the first film though, Camp Blood 2 actually does better at keeping its killer’s identity hidden. It’s not like a massive revelation when it is revealed just who is under the mask but it ties nicely into the first film.

Better acting this time round (by one or two, many are still awful), less jarring music, mostly shot in the day and some better effects makes this less of a chore to watch. It is also mercifully short.

Camp Blood 2 5

You won’t be glad you watched it by the end but it helps wash out the rotten taste of the first film.

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Camp Blood 2
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