Horror Movie Review: Antrum (2018)

A minimalistic mind-f**k of a horror movie, one that demands your attention and your willingness to use your imagination. Antrum (also known as Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made) is written and directed by David Amito and Michael Laicini.

Part-stylised as a mockumentary, Antrum tells the story of a notorious movie released in the late 70s that had toxic and psychological effects on those who saw it. Self-immolation, mass murder, riots, and more, have all occurred whenever Antrum has been screened. Resulting in it getting the reputation of being cursed and copies of the film becoming impossible to find.

That is until now. The documentary crew have what is said to be the complete film but one that has received alterations, an apparent snuff film having been spliced into the original movie by a third party. For the first time in 25 years, Antrum is to be viewed in all its glory. Which is what the viewer is now about to see.

Oralee (Nicole Tompkins) and Nathan (Rowan Smyth) are siblings, with the latter recently traumatised by the death of his dog. Having bitten him for no reason, the dog was euthanized, and Nathan was told by his mother that the dog was going to Hell. Nice.

The boy has started to have disturbing nightmares and visions of demons, so, to help him get over the traumatic event, Oralee comes up with an idea. They are going to dig their way to Hell at the site where it is said Satan fell from heaven, cast some spells, and save the dog’s soul.

It’s an extreme idea, but as the film will reveal, it’s a carefully constructed plan by Oralee to convince Nathan that the dog is now in Heaven. Unfortunately, as they begin to dig and cast spells, the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur. Is Hell real and can they actually dig their way there?

Antrum requires you to have an imagination. It also requires you to invest your time and patience with its slow, confusing, and reality-blurring story. There is nothing ‘clear-cut’ about this movie. Especially when you consider that it is being framed as real thing with subliminal messages and cut with intense snuff style imagery.

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The word that comes to mind is fascinating. Antrum is a fascinating slice of horror that has a unique take on biblical ideology and grief. It’s no surprise that the entire experience is dripping in dark atmosphere with the documentary framing working to make it feel like it is the most dangerous movie ever.

The combination of 70s visual authenticity, eerie soundtrack, likable characters, exceptional acting, and layered structure is extremely impressive. Antrum is an experience that gets under your skin, indulgent when it comes to creating unease and leaving the viewer with a palatable sense of dread.


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Antrum (2018)
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