Horror Movie Review: Amityville Exorcism (2017)

In another desperate attempt to wring the last drops of cash from the Amityville name, 2017 begin with yet another film to bastardise the franchise. Amityville Exorcism is the eighteen film in the franchise & is nearly as bad as Amityville: Vanishing Point. Nearly…

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Exorcism 2

The story surrounds an alcoholic father forced to team up with a priest to save his daughter from demonic possession.

Father Benna (Jeff Kirkendall), is on a mission to exorcise the Amityville demon that killed his brother. The demon has moved on to a new house owned by Jeremy Dukane (James Carolus). It is his daughter Amy (Marie DeLorenzo) that is coming under attack now all because of lumber supplies in their basement that came from the original house.

Exorcism 3

I mean we’ve had haunted lamps, haunted clocks, haunted mirrors so why not haunted lumber!?

There are no actual links to the Amityville story beyond that. Forget the rich history, Amityville Exorcism tells its own rubbish story & slaps on the title to try & get more attention. As has been the norm for a lot of the franchise to date.

Exorcism 4

There are no surprises here, it’s your bog-standard possession horror with some atrocious acting. No-one can hold their head high here with awkward dialogue poorly delivered. None of this is helped by just how poorly shot it is with constant close-ups, poor consistency in angles, awful lighting & boring locations.

It ticks all the expected boxes in regards to possession horror leading to a finale that any seasoned horror fan could recite in their sleep.

Exorcism 5

There is little skill or talent involved & far too many times you’ll end up laughing as bad scene after scene plays out. It’s one saving grace is that it is more watchable than Amityville: Vanishing Point but does little to take advantage of the name attached to it.

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Amityville Exorcism
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