Game Review: Run From Trump (Mobile – Free to Play)

Quite possible the worst thing about Donald Trump running for the presidency of the United States has been the influx of free to play; cash grab games on the mobile market based around him or things he has said.

There have been a few reviewed for this site already:

Trump Dump
Trump on the Run
Trump Bounce

I’ve not played a good Trump related game yet & Run From Trump isn’t going to change that.

Taking on the role of a Mexican (dressed like Disney’s Aladdin when he got his wish to be rich) this endless runner sees your character trying to outrun Trump while dodging obstacles & collecting coins. Just like the Mexican character, the city you’re racing through looks like Agrabah, the fictional city from Disney’s Aladdin.


That might have been on purpose seeing as Trump supporters where polled a few months back in regard to bombing Agrabah. A fairy large percentage were in favour of attempting to destroy a Disney city…yeah, not a proud moment for American politics. It might have been on purpose but I can see no proof of that so I think I’m being way too generous here.

It’s an ugly looking game that has the usual limitations that come with endless runners. Reach a high score, that’s all the gameplay you’re going to get here. Donald Trump chasing you is pointless as he never seems to ever get close to catching you. Any impact with an obstacle is game over followed by an ad.

Seriously, an ad every time you fail & sometimes another after you’ve hit restart…it’s excessive to say the least.

In-app purchases come in the form of coins & it’s as stupidly expensive as usual. 99p will get you 10,000 coins & it goes up incrementally reaching £9.99 for 1,000,000 coins. That amount of coins will pretty much get you everything in the game.


Extra characters cost coins… Hilary Clinton (1000), Putin, Obama & Trump all cost 10,000. You can also upgrade the power ups that turn up occasionally while playing but those cost a serious amount of coins.

Considering how little gameplay there is here, how little replay value exists & how terrible it looks spending real money here would be a pretty foolish thing.


It’s just another bad game based around Trump. The joke has gotten so old that there is no attempt to even make these games tongue in cheek anymore. It’s just the same rubbish endless runners with a Donald Trump skin.

Avoid this dross.


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