Game Review: Little Broken Robots (Mobile – Free to Play)

A free to play game, Little Broken Robots is a puzzle game where you are tasked with fixing faulty cartoon robots by re-wiring their circuitry. You do this by clicking on one of the numbers & dragging your finger along to trace out a path with the aim being to trace along each path & fill every dot on the robot grid.

It’s simple to understand & easy to get into with 3 modes to play. Classic, Advanced & Timed all offer varying degrees of challenges.

Little Broken Robots 1

As it is a free to play game it does have restrictions but they are well managed. You have energy that is used to repair a robot or give you in-level hints & when that is depleted you will either have to wait, watch a short movie for a small bonus or pay for unlimited puzzles (£2.29). Price-wise it’s not the worst I’ve seen on mobiles but you have to consider how limited the game is.

You repair robots over 3 modes…that’s it. There is little variation & while the difficulty is ramped up in later levels it still becomes stale very quickly.

Little Broken Robots 4

The game has a record facility that (at the touch of a button) will film what you’re doing but the game is prone to crash & this seems to occur mostly when trying to record.

Fun with plenty of challenge for a short period but it’s far too repetitive with a serious lack of variation. The different cartoon robots seems to be a major selling point for this game (it’s mentioned in most of the online blurbs) but I fail to see how that is appealing to a gamer.

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Little Broken Robots
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