Game Review: Goat Quest (Mobile – Free to Play)

Goat Quest has one boast that marks it out as different to every other free to play endless runner on the market, just one…instead of swiping left or right to move out of the way of obstacles you press & hold your screen on the side you want the goat to move too.

Should you let go the goat snaps back to the middle.


What those involved failed to understand was that the whole reason every endless runner uses the same control system is because it’s easy to use! Not only that, those who play these kinds of games regularly have it built into their system that you swipe left or right to move! It’s incredibly frustrating trying to get to grips with Goat Quest at first.

Considering the casual audience this game is aimed at it’s laughable that most will try this, get annoyed with the control scheme & probably just delete it. Those that stick with will get used to the controls but for what good!?

Goat Quest is ugly to look at, offers little in the way of replay value & will be quickly forgotten once a decent high score has been set. You collect coins as you race through the worlds & those are used to unlock more. 10,000 to unlock a second & 15,000 to unlock the third. That’s your lot.


In my high score run I picked up the huge total of 38 coins. Not many more to go, eh? Well, unless I’m willing to spend some real money of course.

79p will get you 10,000…so enough for one world while the other option of 25,000 will cost you £1.49. You can also pay 79p to remove ads but as these are quite unobtrusive it’s hardly worth it. In fact considering how little gameplay exists here absolutely none of these in-app purchases are value for money. They are simply there to try & tempt you past the insanely high coin wall that unlocks the extra worlds.


You can almost hear them saying, “go on, it’s only 79p to get the next world”. Don’t do it, spend that 79p on a game that has seen effort put into it. There are hundreds & hundreds out there!


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Goat Quest
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