Demo Review: Sores – Demo I (Liver Damage Records)

Sores are a two-piece black metal hailing from Greece. They formed in 2017 & are made up of N.D. on guitars, drums (with additional vocals) & Sacrilegious on vocals. Demo I is their first release & arrived on March 21st 2017.

Demo I consists of two intense & furious sounding black metal tracks. The Cage I Call Life Part I begins with a blistering guitar/drum beat backed up by filthy sounding screams. Sores don’t hold back, at nearly 8 minutes it’s a constant sonic assault but with bags of rhythm too. It’s a head-banger of a tune.

The second track is a much shorter affair coming in at just under 3 minutes. The Cage I Call Life Part II brings the same level of brutality as before & then some. It’s crushingly heavy but with some real ear-pleasing hooks. Sores are giving it their all as evident on the final moments of the track. It drifts away to the sound of sickeningly heavy breathing, the kind that comes after a super-charged effort.

The raw sound of Demo I just heightens the intensity of the metal on show here. The brutality of the vocals is what really stands out, Sacrilegious absolutely kills it here. If you like your black metal old-school & taking no prisoners then Sores are right up your street.

A damn good start, their future will be very interesting.

Sores – Demo I Full Track Listing:

1. The Cage I Call Life Part I
2. The Cage I Call Life Part II

You can pick up the demo over on Sores’ bandcamp here. Check them out over on Facebook & on YouTube.

Sores - Demo I (Liver Damage Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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