Bloodstock 2022 Band Feature: Existentialist

Bloodstock Open Air 2022 takes place from August 11th and August 14th with a line-up that might be one of the best the festival has ever put on. A wide array of rock and metal acts spread across four stages, it’s looking likely to be a weekend not to be missed. Pick up tickets here.

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Essex sure does produce some class metal. Just look at previous Metal 2 the Masses alumni as an example. The great Goat Monsoon and the great Beyond Extinction. Just take a look at some of the other bands who took part this year and over the past few years too. Essex produces class metal and flying the flag for the region this year is Existentialist. Battling their way through to the final where they were chosen as winners.

A five-piece blackened death metal band, the release of their debut album ‘Prophet of Ignorance’ in 2020 helped put them on the map. Pandemic and lockdowns be damned. The heavy, dark, sinister and ferocious style of metal group have come out the other end stronger than before. Especially with a second album planned to be released later this year.

It’s no surprise that Existentialist won Metal 2 the Masses Essex and earned their spot on the New Blood stage. Something they’re not taking for granted either as they are keeping busy both before and after with a ton of live shows.

If Bloodstock is your only chance to catch them, make sure you’re sniffing around the New Blood stage on the Friday of the festival. It’s going to be deafening. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what the band had to say about playing the festival and what fans can expect from their show.

We are absolutely stoked to be playing Bloodstock 2022. Since we set out playing shows in 2021, this was the goal. This is massive for us.

Our live performances are packed with energy and head banging. Expect blasts, breakdowns, aggressive kicks, knarly riffs and atmospheric orchestration.

We can’t wait to see you there.


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