Album Review: Vitam et Mortem – Sinfonía para el funeral de un Ángel (Extreme Cult Records/Murdher Records)

Hailing from Columbia, Vitam Et Mortem are a blackened death metal band who formed in 2002. A distinctive mixture of dark, heavy, symphonic and ritualistic music, their latest album, Sinfonía para el funeral de un Ángel was released in October 2017.

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With such a rich mixture of elements it’s simply amazing that Vitam Et Mortem manage to put it all together to make such a thrilling and competent sounding record. Filled with harsh and brutal blackened black metal, smartly symphonic highs, guttural lows and enough metal riffs to put everyone else out of business.

Vitam Et Mortem are no slackers, they throw a huge amount into this record and it pays off. No matter if they’re delivering crushing body blows with their ferocious edge or jabs to the emotions with their epic efforts.

Before they’ve even finished the title track (over 8 minutes long) they’ve cemented themselves as one hell of an exciting band an there is no question about listening on. It’s not that you want to hear everything they have to offer, it’s that you need too. Track after track of thumping and roaring death metal, it’s the likes of Sangre y lágrimas, Ángel negro and Una vida inmortal en la oscuridad that truly make this a special album.

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Vitam Et Mortem – Sinfonía para el funeral de un Ángel Full Track Listing:

1. Sinfonía para el funeral de un ángel
2. Seducidos por el lado oscuro
3. Diosa del tiempo
4. Sangre y lágrimas
5. Melodía al dios Pan
6. Ángel negro
7. Destrucción humana
8. Una vida inmortal en la oscuridad
9. Melancolía

You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp, listen to tracks on Soundcloud and watch videos on YouTube. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.


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Vitam et Mortem - Sinfonía para el funeral de un Ángel (Extreme Cult Records/Murdher Records)
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