Album Review: The Dollyrots – Daydream Explosion (Wicked Cool Records)

The Dollyrots new album, Daydream Explosion will be landing in ears across the UK, the US and beyond on the 12th of July 2019 through Wicked Cool Records.


The album has turned out to be one that was particularly inspired by some tough times in the band’s home life, as their vocalist and bass-slinger Kelly explains:

It threw us for a loop in December when my dad passed away [of complications from heart disease and a type of dementia]. We had just a handful of songs written. But we managed to keep our kids happy through the holidays, and then every night we’d go into our studio and write. Somehow we wrote the best group of songs of our career in those few weeks.

At the core of this, Luis says, we are a married couple with two kids and a small business that we need to keep afloat. That business also happens to be artistic, which can be a reach. So these days, we try to find those moments where we can create and tap into that indescribable thing that helps us create music. It was a tough year for us and I think the album creation was cathartic. And in the end, it resulted in our best album yet. Kelly further sums it up: This is the album of our dreams.

Our first experience with The Dollyrots came when we saw them perform an acoustic set as the main support to Jaret Reddick’s solo tour (Bowling for Soup frontman). We didn’t see (or hear) much of it but what we did was enjoyable even if we had no idea what the ‘non-acoustic’ side of their music was like.

Well, with Daydream Explosion we now do and it’s fun, bouncy pop-rock. Energetic music with feeling led by mellow guitar twangs, riffs and punky vocals. Beginning in the best way possible with the faster paced, rocking Animal before Everything delivers good-time catchiness.

It’s a really strong start for the duo but they’re just getting started.

In Your Face has a rockbilly twang to the guitar and the vocals are sublime here, an instant punk anthem. Both Naked and I Love You Instead are so damn catchy it should be illegal, I Know How to Party is a summer good-time fun, Oblivious energy is very infectious and Daisy’s Song is a sweet and mellow closer.

It’s a great record. One that screams sunshine, nice drinks and will put smiles on almost everyone’s face. Consider us a fully-fledged fan now.

Daydream 2

The Dollyrots – Daydream Explosion Full Track Listing:

1. Animal
2. Everything
3. In Your Face
4. Naked
5. Last Ones on Earth
6. I Love You Instead
7. Watching the Storms Go By
8. I Know How to Party
9. Kat’s Meow
10. No Princess
11. Flippy in My Red Dress
12. Oblivious
13. Talk Too Much
14. Daisy’s Song


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The Dollyrots - Daydream Explosion (Wicked Cool Records)
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