Album Review: Sorcery – Necessary Excess of Violence (Xtreem Music)

One of the oldest Swedish Death Metal bands, Sorcery’s new work will be entitled “Necessary Excess of Violence” and, like its previous three albums, will be released through Xtreem Music on August 20th on CD and 12″LP formats.

Sorcery is perhaps the oldest Swedish Death Metal band, formed back in 1986, having released several demos and EP’s between ’87-’90 before their classic debut album “Bloodchilling Tales” in ’91. Sorcery has always maintained their style of aggressive, brutal and intense Death Metal, and with this new work, they consolidate their position as one of the most respected Swedish bands in their genre.

Having been at the top of their game for most of their lengthy career, Sorcery aren’t taking their foot of the gas yet. Necessary Excess of Violence is another stellar effort from a band on top form and in complete control of their old school death metal sound.

From the moment the noise of The Stellar Circle rings out, the riffs consuming all, the head will be banging. The pulsating rage gets under the skin but with a rhythmic quality that just makes it so much more appealing. Few won’t be madly in love with this album by time we reach Of Blood and Ash, an absolute banger of a track.

With a driving brutality, the power that comes from Death is Near, King of Nothing and Language of the Conqueror is simply outstanding. This is old school death metal but like all good old school death metal, it sounds timeless. Necessary Excess of Violence could have come from any era and still sounded as good.

Sorcery – Necessary Excess of Violence Full Track Listing:

1. The Stellar Circle
2. Where We Were Born We Will Demise
3. The Darkest Part of You
4. Of Blood and Ash
5. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark
6. Death is Near
7. Illuminate
8. King of Nothing
9. Year of the Plague
10. Language of the Conqueror


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Sorcery - Necessary Excess of Violence (Xtreem Music)
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