Album Review: Recorruptor – The Funeral Corridor (Self Released)

Lansing, Michigan-based death metallers Recorruptor are proud to officially announce their sophomore album, The Funeral Corridor, which is set for release on Friday, August 21st. It is the follow up to the band’s 2017 debut album, Bloodmoon. The Funeral Corridor was recorded and mixed at Broken Monolith Studios and mastered by Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley.

Recorruptor had this to say regarding the new album:

The Funeral Corridor is a testament to everything that Recorruptor embodies, from sheer velocity to concrete weight in the guitar riffing, the blasting drums, and the catastrophic vocalization. The Funeral Corridor is a concept record, creating one large story dealing with acceptance in loss, the inner decline of man, and the futility of disobeying the natural law of order. This is all set in a vivid landscape of terror, displayed through mystically dark euphemism and emotional grief. As the lyrics paint the picture, the instrumentation is the foundation and matches the idea of the lyricism in a pleasantly horrifying manner.

Recorruptor have nailed what it means to be a modern death metal band. Their sound as aggressive as the heyday of the legends who came before. Their fury distilled into instruments in a way that would wake the dead. The uncompromising way in which they assault and attack the mind constantly with a combination of blast-beats, brutal riffing and horrifying vocals. Recorruptor are the band you point to when you want to show naysayers that death metal is just as strong as ever.

Constantly exciting, constantly savage and constantly interesting, The Funeral Corridor brims with possibility. From the moment the gates of death metal hell are unleashed with the opening title track. To the indecent battering dished out by Blessed Obsession and the pouring darkness that emanates from Watchful Eyes in the Temple of Aspiration. The more Recorruptor unleash, the deeper into the void we go and it’s way more thrilling than it has any right to be.

Simply put, this is one of 2020’s strongest death metal releases. The expansive and detailed effort that Recorruptor put in will be noticed and rightfully recognised.

Recorruptor – The Funeral Corridor Full Track Listing:

1. The Funeral Corridor
2. Tormented Egress
3. Souls of Limbo
4. Blessed Obsession
5. Moribund
6. Watchful Eyes in the Temple of Aspiration
7. Amidst the Breathless, I Weep
8. Bestow Upon Me Pure Death
9. Forever in Exile of Darkness


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Recorruptor - The Funeral Corridor (Self Released)
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