Album Review: Pteroglyph – Solaire (Blood Blast)

Pteroglyph are a modern metal band from Leeds, England formed in 2012 by lead songwriter and musician Jimmy MacGregor as a solo project with live performance members. Now evolved into one of the UK’s most exciting heavy prospects, Pteroglyph, are set to establish themselves as a vital force in the 2020s.

On November 6th 2020, Pteroglyph will release their new album Solaire via Blood Blast.

Grab hold of something tightly, Pteroglyph are about to come crashing in and cause some mayhem. The group smashing straight through the door and going for the expensive china. With riffs as chunky as a thread of varicose veins on someone who has just done a 20 hour flight. Percussion that has the impact of a person falling 100 feet into water…stomach first and vocals that delve out hurtful punishment while being indelibly encouraging to join in.

Blending death, thrash, hardcore and more, Petroglyph are certainly a sound to behold and Solaire has a ton of impact. However, it’s their clever rhythmic passages and melodic heavyweight moments that really do the job. It makes Petroglyph a more modern prospect.

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There’s only 6 tracks on this album and it does leave you wanting more but it’s far from unsatisfying. They’re very good at this amalgamation of metal and the end result is something that has a ton of memorability about it.

Pteroglyph – Solaire Full Track Listing:

1. Solaire
2. Black Death
3. Feed the Wolf
4. Collateral
5. Forlorn
6. Crown of Bones



Pteroglyph - Solaire (Blood Blast)
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