Album Review: Light the Torch – You Will be the Death of Me (Nuclear Blast)

Since emerging in 2018, Light the Torch have grown stronger as a band and are now ready to unleash their sophomore album, You Will be the Death of Me. Twelve no-nonsense and no-holds-barred metal anthems to see you through the rest of 2021. It will be released on June 18th, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records.

There really aren’t many vocalists as good as Howard Jones in rock and metal these days. That’s simply a fact. Put him alongside guitarist Francesco Artusato and bass player Ryan Wombacher and it’s easy to see just why Light the Torch come with such fanfare. A massive debut album (Revival), the buzz around this band hasn’t gone quiet so the pressure is on for this follow-up.

Although, you probably already know the answer as if they can handle it and deliver a stonking metal album. Of course, they bloody can. You Will be the Death of Me is a banger from beginning to end, anthem after anthem that makes you want to smash your head and neck into oblivion.

The trio are making magic on this album. Tracks like Let Me Fall Apart, Death of Me (Howard’s vocals on this one are insane), I Hate Myself and Come Back to the Quicksand are so grand, so epic and so freaking heavy. It’s straight-forward metal that doesn’t obey genre conventions and always has a surprise or two up its sleeve. Some of them coming in the form of an eclectic array of effects and sounds.

Always interesting, always blood-pumping and always fun. The likes of Living With a Ghost, Become the Martyr and Denying the Sin are quite heavy on the effects but this just adds to the variety on offer and these tracks are still top shelf metal anthems regardless.

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Look, it’s not game-changing stuff but it really doesn’t matter. Light the Torch bring some excitement to metal without rocking the boat too much. That is more than enough. They’re already a force in metal and this release is only going to solidify that.

Light the Torch – You Will be the Death of Me Full Track Listing:

1. More Than Dreaming
2. Let Me Fall Apart
3. End of the World
4. Wilting in the Light
5. Death of Me
6. Living With A Ghost
7. Become the Martyr
8. Something Deep Inside
9. I Hate Myself
10. Denying the Sin
11. Come Back to the Quicksand
12. Sign Your Name


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Light the Torch – You Will be the Death of Me (Nuclear Blast)
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