Album Review: Infanteria – Patriarch (Self Released)

Prepare for the return of the progressive/thrash three-piece Infanteria with the blistering new album Patriarch. Chris Hall (Vocals & Guitar), Tim Leibbrandt (Bass) and Adrian Langeveld (Drums) have been hard at work the past 28 months and their third album will be released on the 17th of June 2022.

Progressive, yes, but just as importantly, Patriarch is a thrash album. A heavy and fast one. Infanteria have bottled up their frustrations and passions, ready for a thirsty fanbase to drink deeply from this June.

Smashing and crashing from the start with Burnt Relic, Infanteria come out hot. The pace is one thing but the hooks are another. For the thrashing manic energy that this opener has, the surprising thing is just how detailed and catchy it is.

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Less catchy but more aggressive, Raging Bastards is an apt title as Infanteria go the ‘take no prisoners’ route. A punchy and head-banging inducing blast of metal. Before Into the Depths takes us on a mammoth journey where the progressive side of the band really wakes up. Showcasing chunky lows and melodic highs, the complexities of the rhythm is Infanteria flexing their creative muscles to great effect.

Showing just how varied they can be too; All I’ve Ever Lost is very different. Just under 2 minutes of melody, atmosphere and naked vocals. Followed then by Swansong and Embrace the Trauma. The former; packed with fascinating riffs, groovy bass lines, thumping drum beats, melodic shifts and vocal snarls that give this a rockier, but still heavy, flavour. The latter; Infanteria delivering a blast of straight-forward thrashing noise.

A class album, it’s very listenable and with more than enough going on to keep hold of your attention as it reaches the latter stage. The final two track; Repent Through Orders You Seek and the title track, showcasing that progressive flair, melodic infusions and crunching thrash heaviness that has made this album such a delight.

Infanteria – Patriarch Full Track Listing:

1. Burnt Relic
2. Raging Bastards
3. Into the Depths
4. All I’ve Ever Lost
5. Swansong
6. Embrace the Trauma
7. Repent Through Orders You Seek
8. Patriarch


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Infanteria - Patriarch (Self Released)
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