Album Review: Expulser – The Unholy One (Greyhaze Records)

Greyhaze Records will release the reissue of The Unholy One, the debut album by Expulser on April 13th 2018. Originally released in 1992 by Cogumelo Records, this once rare album is again available on CD, LP and cassette. The Unholy One’s audio has been completely restored and remastered from the original master reels.

Expulser 2

A relic from the high time of Brazilian Heavy Metal, Expulser’s The Unholy One is raw but so familiar.

Sometimes you can guess what a band might sound like just simply on the title of their tracks. It’s rare that you’d see a band with a track names like Gore Pussy of Virgin and Vomiting in Paradise play upbeat pop punk. So it’s no surprise that Expulser spit venom across 13 tracks of blood-clotting extreme death metal. The Unholy One is deep, bassy record of vileness & Expulser couldn’t give a damn if you’re left queasy by the results.

While Praise to the Almighty God fails to ignite, Cirrhosis (Let’s Get Drunk) shows of a bit more skill with some tight riffing & hefty drumming. It’s a one-two punch that shows both the best and worst that Expulser have to offer. On the one hand fairly uneventful & forgettable extreme metal while on the other a dark & early take on the nastiness that death metal can show.

A constant issue throughout unfortunately. For every ferocious and head-bangingly enjoyable track like Fornications (At the Church), Screams of Delight and Vomiting in Paradise there are uninspired numbers. Such as the the title track, The Evil Orgasm and Gore Pussy of Virgin. Not bad by any stretch but certainly short on imagination.

Far longer then it has any right to be, it’s a lot of work to not have checked out by time the the final few roars of hate have rung out.

Expulser 1

Expulser – The Unholy One Full Track Listing:

1. Praise to the Almighty God
2. Cirrhosis (Let’s Get Drunk)
3. Bleeding at Cross
4. Fornications (At the Church)
5. The Unholy One
6. Screams of Delight
7. Christ’s Saga
8. The Evil Orgasm
9. Gore Pussy of Virgin
10. The Slut
11. Vomiting in Paradise
12. The Offenser
13. No Resurrection

You can order the reissue via Greyhaze Records here.

Expulser - The Unholy One (Greyhaze Records)
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