Album Review: ESSES – Bloodletting for the Lonely (Bat-Cave Productions/Atakra Records)

Deathrock/post-punk quintet ESSES returns with sophomore album, Bloodletting for the Lonely, due out August 6th, 2021 on digital, vinyl, and CD formats. Atakra Records (US) will issue vinyl, and Bat-Cave Productions (Poland) will release the record on both CD and vinyl.

I don’t think I can quite put my finger on what deathrock is but after one listen to ESSES’ Bloodletting for the Lonely, I can certainly say I like what I’m hearing. Though that they also fall under the bracket of ‘post-punk’ makes it a bit easier to wrap the brain around.

There’s a tense sense of misery to the record, a gloomy outlook dripping in emotion and passion. Which makes a ton of sense when you realise Bloodletting for the Lonely centres around the topics of mental health, memory, and trauma.

There’s a story here. One that interprets the psychology of moving through this comatose space as two separate beings inhabiting the same body and archetypal imagery.

Now that’s interesting and wholly bewitching. Especially when you take into account just how haunting the melodies are. Though be under no illusion, there’s a heaviness to this album too. It just so happens that the dominant feature are the poignant vocals of Miss Kel. Alongside a constant slew of high-powered guitars, thick bass lines and ear-drum shattering drum beats.

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You’ll feel every note of ESSES’ Bloodletting for the Lonely reverberate throughout the body. It’s even influential enough to reach and touch the soul at times.

ESSES – Bloodletting for the Lonely Full Track Listing:

1. The Source
2. Pierce the Feeling
3. Four Corners
4. Infinite Void
5. Before the Blight
6. Little Mouse
7. Faceless Past
8. Caged Beasts
9. Schism


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ESSES - Bloodletting for the Lonely (Bat-Cave Productions/Atakra Records)
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