Album Review: Curimus – Garden of Eden (Inverse Records)

Finnish death/thrash group Curimus releases their anticipated third full-length album ‘Garden of Eden’ on October 30th 2020.

Bass player, Juho Manninen says:

New material is faster and darker, all wrapped up in an uncompromising soundscape. The themes of the songs revolve around human selfishness, fecklessness and injustice in all its forms. At the end this world is the Garden of Eden, where no one is happy.

No one is happy. Well, that statement might not be true as death and thrash lovers will certainly be feeling pleased upon hearing Garden of Eden. Were the neck-destroying head-bangers come thick and fast throughout.

Although it’s not without imagination as a brief but fun cameo by legendary Hell vocalist, David Bower on 72 attests too. His commanding voice ringing out across the bloodying riff work.

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Around that though, it’s all about heaviness. Controlled heaviness but the sort that gets more and more punishing as it goes on. Curimus hammering away until your mind, body and soul are numb. While that might not sound that appealing to most, fans of heavy music will be in their element.

Retching and doubled over, the thumbs up in their direction is about all that can be mustered. Curimus have nailed it.

Curimus – Garden of Eden Full Track Listing:

1. Eden Unveiled
2. Ignite
3. 72 (feat. David Bower of Hell)
4. God Eater
5. Eradication Manifest
6. Victims
7. Catalyst
8. Hate the Progress
9. Eisegesis
10. Absence


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Curimus - Garden of Eden (Inverse Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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