Album Review: Coronary – Sinbad (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Sinbad, the debut full-length album from Finnish classic metal squad Coronary will be released on February 19th 2021 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Unmistakably and unashamedly rooted in what we tend to call ‘classic’ heavy metal. Coronary pay tribute to the legends that came before them with an album that would feel like a parody if it wasn’t for the straight-forward fact that they’re damn good at this.

Ten tracks of old-school head-banging riffs, tight hooks, ripping solos and chugging rhythm. Lead by a set of vocals that are high and powerful but with just a touch of roughness to them. If you’ve lived your life head-banging to this sort of stuff, then you’re going to really enjoy what Coronary have to offer here.

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There’s no knocking it for being uninspired or outdated because it’s not supposed to be either. It’s supposed to be a throwback (with modern production) that puts a big old smile on the face of some crusty head-bangers. While possibly introducing a younger generation to a sound that they might mostly dismiss as being for the ‘oldies’. There’s also no doubt that Coronary having a blast too and that is very infectious.

Stop being snobby about metal. Find those old leather pants, squeeze into them, open up a beer and just enjoy some old-school heavy metal music done really well.

Coronary – Sinbad Full Track Listing:

1. Sinbad
2. Firewings
3. The Hammer
4. Bullet Train
5. I Can Feel This Love
6. Reflector
7. Burnout
8. Fight St. 666
9. Mestengo
10. Wonders of the World


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Coronary - Sinbad (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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