Album Review: Anthropophagus Depravity – Demonic Paradise (Comatose Music)

Following on from the pulverising attack of their debut album Apocalypto, Indonesia’s Anthropophagus Depravity have returned with a new collection of terror inducing hymns of horror. Called ‘Demonic Paradise’, it will be released on June 21st, 2024, via Comatose Music.

How do you follow up a record that can be simply summed up as savage? If you’re Anthropophagus Depravity, you find even new horrifying depths to plumb. If you’re Anthropophagus Depravity, you don’t just delight in the destruction of the flesh, but the spirit as well. If the first album showcased some of the most savage brutal death metal going, Demonic Paradise is the epitome of immorality, a sinful experience that makes you feel wicked for having experienced it.

Ten tracks of the fastest and heaviest metal going, Anthropophagus Depravity make no pretences to be anything but a filth smearing, gut tearing, and skull smashing BDM band. From track one through to track ten, they batter the senses with a cacophony of harsh sounds, and they’re mighty fine at it.

Riffs that are akin to being flayed over an open fire, drums that sound like they’re being played directly on the skull, and vocals that sound putrefying. The elements that make up Anthropophagus Depravity are at their most potent here.

What adds to the overall extreme experience though, is a thick layer of darkened atmosphere that lies across the album. It’s not always obvious, but it is there, like a low-lying fog. It’s an extra touch that makes the album stand out that little bit more. Though, that’s not to underplay the simple fact that what makes this album appealing is the unrelenting ruthlessness of it.

Be under no false illusions, Demonic Paradise is one of the most extreme listens of 2024 and that does mean it has limited appeal. A constant barrage like this, regardless of its enjoyability, does mean desensitisation inevitably sets in. Happily, by time that starts to happen, the final violent throes are coming, and most will be able to take a few more blows, even if it leaves you curled up and crying for mercy.

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Anthropophagus Depravity – Demonic Paradise Track Listing:

1. The Obscure Realm
2. Dogma Weakened Souls
3. Malicious Catastrophe
4. Obliterate the Sanctified
5. Preaching Above Depravity
6. Demonic Paradise
7. When the Darkthrone Reigns
8. Pseudo Salvation
9. …Of Condemnation
10. Delusions of the Unholy


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Anthropophagus Depravity - Demonic Paradise (Comatose Music)
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