Album Review: Aenimus – Dreamcatcher (Nuclear Blast)

Originally formed in 2011, Aenimus spent their due time creating, writing, and recording their first batch of music; independently releasing their debut album ‘Transcend Reality’ on August 6th, 2013.

Aenimus toured relentlessly for the next two years while continuing to develop their sound. The band made some changes in their lineup and began to develop a truly solid fan base after a successful run on the US touring circuit. The time had come, and Aenimus was anxious to begin the process of their sophomore album.

Prepped and ready to be revealed to the world on February 22nd of 2019, Aenimus present their second, full-length offering ‘Dreamcatcher’ via Nuclear Blast.

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Dreamcatcher is an 11-song concept album revolving around some of the most intriguing and relatable subject matter of today’s modern society: Horror stories. Taking influence from the novels and films The Shining, The Dead Zone, IT, and the tales of Hannibal, the album is written in such a way where not only do the lyrics reflect these stories, but the music itself represents moments, emotions, and realizations from the characters of these classic tales; something to look forward to for any true metal-head, horror-loving fiend.

The album also features guest appearances from Mike Semesky (Intervals, The Haarp Machine), Jamie Hanks (I Declare War), Brian James (Fallujah), Sims Cashion, Leonardo Guzman, and was mixed & mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me, The Contortionist).

A thrilling approach to the technical death metal, what marks Aenimus out as something a little different in that sub-genre are the melodic drops and impressive rhythm sections. All while firing on every cylinder to deliver a hyper-aggressive slab of death metal.

There’s a sense of other-worldliness to Dreamcatcher, highlighted in the airy and lighter moments of Before the Eons and the soaring clean vocals of Eternal. All while the band try to melt your face off with horrifyingly deep layers of death metal. The kind that screeches and roars with unbridled power… destructive power.

Truth be told though, as good and as the heavy is, it’s the moments of melodic highs and lows that really stand out here. Even more so when the two combine. Such as found on the incredible The Dark Triad or the startling Between Iron and Silver. The vocals on the latter are to die for in particular.

Hot and heavy, The Overlook and Caretaker offer some of the harshest riffs and most technically proficient moments of the entire album. There is no momentum losses. No moments where things don’t shine brightly or the heaviness isn’t crushing down with uncompromising weight. There is simply no arguing with the quality of Day Zero and the finale, the title track. Ending on intense guitar work and light melody with no vocals, it’s the perfect closer to a hell of an album.

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Aenimus – Dreamcatcher Full Track Listing:

1. Before the Eons
2. Eternal
3. The Ritual
4. My Becoming
5. The Dark Triad
6. Between Iron and Silver
7. The Overlook
8. Caretaker
9. Second Sight
10. Day Zero
11. Dreamcatcher

The album will be available via all major streaming services on release but can be ordered now via Nuclear Blast here.

Aenimus – Dreamcatcher (Nuclear Blast)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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