Why Bets Change Before The Match

Have you ever gone to place a bet on the football before a match kicks off and realised that the odds have changed? Or, you’re about to place a wager, and you have to confirm to accept the new price? Well, both things do happen, and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case.

Team News And Lineups

One of the first things that will impact betting odds with reputable online betting operators is team news. After the previous fixture and throughout the week, team news becomes apparent, and bookmakers will adjust their odds accordingly based on whether the information makes a team more or less likely to win.

And following on from team news, which usually occurs before matchday, are team lineups, which are announced an hour before kick-off on the day of the game. It’s fair to say that the lineups have the most impact on the odds before a match because those deciding on prices can see who is playing and who isn’t.


Injuries happen all the time in football, and when they occur, they are likely going to have an impact on the odds a bookmaker will offer, but it all depends on who is injured and how important they are to a team, and, crucially, when they come about. For example, if a key player is injured, it will naturally affect the odds in quite a big way. However, the odds may not even change if it’s a squad player.

We mentioned the timing of injuries too. While it doesn’t happen too often, there are instances when injuries occur in the warm-up before a match, and this will affect the odds because of the potential disruption caused.


Weather can often play a significant role in proceedings on the pitch, especially when it makes it harder for teams to perform. So, for example, if there has been a heavy downpour or if it’s raining, or even if there’s been snow, it will undoubtedly make the going slightly tougher and may prevent some teams from playing the way they want to play.

The weather can have an impact on the odds a bookmaker offers in the run-up to matchday and as it gets closer, but in a lot of circumstances, it’s the weather on the day that counts. If, for example, the rain is torrential before kick-off, then prices may be adjusted accordingly across the board.


Unless a team is playing at their home stadium, they will be doing some travelling to a degree, which can also be included in the decisions of those setting the odds before a game. Of course, if the distance a team is travelling is relatively short, it’s not going to matter too much.

However, if a team is going from one end of the country to the other, this will likely be taken into consideration. And the assumed mode of transport used will also potentially be significant. For example, if a team is travelling for hours on a coach, this will be more pivotal than one flying.


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