Weekly Release Roundup – Friday 5th April, 2024

From chaotic metalcore, to alternative rock, to death metal, to pop-punk, to folk metal, it’s a big week for releases and we’ve got a list for you to check out. All these releases are out today!

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Vnder A Crvmbling Moon – II: Aging & Formless (Ripcord Records)

One of the more unique bands out there who are experts at creating immersive heavy music, Vnder A Crvmbling Moon haven’t wasted any time in coming back with their sophomore album, but that should just tell you how creative a force they are.

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Alpha Wolf – Half Living Things (Greyscale Records/SharpTone Records)

Hotly anticipated? That’s an understatement. This is Alpha Wolf, and they have been on an absolute tear for some time now. Hence, the lofty expectations that come with this new release. Expectations that could be too much for a ‘normal’ band to handle, but Alpha Wolf live and breathe this sort of thing.

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ANIIMALIA – Carousel (Marshall Records)

I do love a release that manages to grab my attention almost immediately, which is something Carousel does. ANIIMALIA coming out of the starting blocks with a chaotic burst of punky sounding instruments, before revealing the depth to their alt-rock sound.

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Ingested – The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams (Metal Blade Records)

Another Ingested album, another absolute banger. Never doubt this band, their talent and drive is second to none, and their peak seems to be never-ending.

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Veriteras – The Dark Horizon (Self Released)

Veriteras The Dark Horizon band

Veriteras have really hit the mark here in an album that is up there with the very best of the year and deserves huge praise and respect.

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Between You & Me – SH!T YEAH (Self Released)

Tons of heart and soul, bouncy blasts of nostalgic energy, emo-esqe emotion, and more infectious vibes than a chicken-pox party. Which, happily, Between You & Me deliver on this EP. Six tracks long, and each will leave you with a big smile spread across your face.

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Korpiklaani – Rankarumpu (Nuclear Blast)

This deep into your career, with a folk metal sound is that is beyond familiar, can Korpiklaani really thrill in the same way they once did? That’s the big question surrounding this album, and to ensure the answer is a resounding yes, the group have looked to the past to revitalise their sound.

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Erra – Cure (UNFD)

Erra’s new era comes with lofty expectations, and most will come away very satisfied by what they have done here. It is a big undertaking, and having the album captivate as it does, is one hell of an accomplishment. There’s a lot to take in here, but the payoff makes it more than worthwhile.

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