Weekly Release Roundup – Friday 15th March, 2024

From extreme metal, to power metal, to death metal, to progressive metal, to modern metalcore, to old-school black metal, it’s a big week for releases and we’ve got a list for you to check out. All these releases are out today!

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Necrophobic – In the Twilight Grey (Century Media Records)

Expect something great from Necrophobic and get something great from Necrophobic. As reliable as night devours the day, Necrophobic deliver an album that will haunt your nightmares. Read our full review here.

InDevth – Drowning (Self Released)

A new era begins, the era of InDevth. You might know them better as Dreameater, but as they boldly move into the future, the name of InDevth is all anyone will be thinking about. Read our full review here.

Vltimas – EPIC (Season of Mist)

You gotta love an album title that sums up the listening experience perfectly. EPIC in name, and EPIC in nature. Vltimas’ sound sits on the more extreme side of metal, but it is layered with lavish atmosphere, is packed with riffs, and has a surprising amount of catchy groove. Read our full review here.

DragonForce – Warp Speed Warriors (Napalm Records)

Warp Speed Warriors is a good album, let’s make that clear, and it shows just how important synth and cinematic elements are becoming to the DragonForce sound. That makes for an exciting future, but, when they slip into type, the album is often found lacking. Read our full review here.

Agremorta – Anomalia (Self Released)

Offering up a sound that is not easy to categorise, Agremorta deliver a very creative effort with this debut EP. One that has many different ideas and many different approaches to metal, all while telling a story. It’s a polished progressive beast of an effort, and promises an exciting future for this band. Read our full review here.

Aborted – Vault of Horrors (Nuclear Blast)

This many albums in and still pulling out stuff like this? They’re untouchable within the extreme metal world. Read our full review here.

The Moor – Ombra (Inertial Music)

Weaving a huge tapestry of vibrant sounds, as cinematic as it is progressive, and with plenty of twists and turns, The Moor’s new album is undeniably an ambitious release. Read our full review here.

Lutharo – Chasing Euphoria (Atomic Fire Records)

Lutharo Chasing Euphoria artwork

Lutharo have set a really high bar here with Chasing Euphoria. It is an album that constantly delivers above expectation and is immensely exciting to listen to. Read our full review here.

Udåd – Udåd (Peaceville Records)

If you’re promising a cold and bleak showcase of raw and real Norwegian black metal, you best deliver. There’s simply nowhere to hide if you’re half-assing it. Good thing then, that Thomas Eriksen believes in delivering the rawest and realest of Norwegian black metal possible. Read our full review here.

BRAT – Social Grace (Prosthetic Records)

It’s always a damn good sign when you’re left hungry for more. More than seems guaranteed as BRAT have already turned a ton of heads, and this debut album is only going to increase that number. Read our full review here.

Wounds – Ruin (Everlasting Spew Records)

Death metal with a technical twist, and flair-ups of even more extreme sounds, Wounds follow up their 2019 debut EP (Light Eater) by showing just how far they have come. Delivering a tight and taut beast of an album. Read our full review here.

Iterum Nata – From the Infinite Light (Nordvis Produktion)

This is no ‘background’ listen, it’s an album you invest in. Headphones, lights down, mind focused on what dark wonders it has to offer. Be immersed and be richly rewarded for that investment. Read our full review here.

Wasted Death – Season of Evil (APF Records)

They’re back and back with a f**king vengeance. Noise mongers through and through, if you’re unfamiliar with Wasted Death you’ll find everything from punk to grindcore to d-beat to thrash metal, and then some, here. There are no rules to the Wasted Death soundscape, aside from the fact that it’s going to be loud and intense. Read our full review here.


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