Video Premiere: The Injester – The Ligament Necklace

Roll up, roll up – the horde is here to rodeo!

Coulrophobic’s beware – hard haunting riffs and dark lyrics are changing the tone to something more dark from The Injester with ‘Ligament Necklace’!

The debut album, ‘A Spectacle to Behold’ comes out in just two weeks in time for Halloween! With tones encompassing the emerging sounds of the new world of metal in the 90s along with the established and fine tuned hooks and melodies in the nu-millennium. Meanwhile taking influence from a myriad artists including Faith No More, Earthtone9, Alice Cooper, and Ghost. This leaves the bands sound in the comfortably awkward crevice between heavy and melodic, industrial and nu, riff and core, emotional and raw. fresh yet seasoned, with a youthful energy and a wise craft and execution – seamlessly stitching and embracing the contrasts and dynamics of light and dark.

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Disturbing and haunting lyrics with bright devious vocals and soaring melodic guitar solos. The rhythm section deliver hooky enchanting riffs with a guttural hypnotising bassline. The keys and samples complete that dose of circus eeriness and suspense, and all rounded off with the most precise and articulate drumming, live recorded to harmoniously compliment every angel attacked.

You might hear strands of industrial Rob Zombie (minus the movie samples), grotesque threads of Mushroomhead, rapcore accents of (hed) PE, and metalcore undertones of Sevendust.


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