Video Premiere: Oath of Damnation Comic Book Store Takeover!

Aussie black/death band Oath Of Damnation – who have just released their awesome new album Fury And Malevolence on Gore House Productions – have filmed a video of them visiting their local comic shop, talking about some of their favourite reads, all to a blasting soundtrack.

Doomsayer (Pahl Hodgson) – Bass/Vocals of Oath Of Damnation tells us:

Behold my geek-ish side! Yes, recoil in horror and disgust as you discover that beneath this hellish exterior lurks a nerd. Well, at least slightly. When I’m not howling and growling on a regular basis, I like to fill my skull with graphic novelizations of sci-fi, horror, and high adventure! I wouldn’t say I’m a big reader/collector, like a lot out there that are, but it is something I’ve held an interest in since early childhood, from the superhero realm when I was rather young and hobbit sized, and morphing into more military, sci-fi and horror themes later on. Back in my teens I used to love a WWII character called SGT. Rock, and used to collect the small sized Commando comics at the corner deli for less than a dollar (nowadays they’re five bucks!). Another I was big on (and recently rediscovered) is the weekly 2000 AD magazine. Some of my fave comic book characters came from there, such as Judge Dredd, Slaine, Nemesis the Warlock, The A.B.C. Warriors, Rogue Trooper.

I guess the reason comics have stuck with me and not really been something I grew out of is mainly the appreciation for the art, as I’ve always been a bit of an illustrator myself ever since I was young. Before music took hold I was forever drawing. I would say the one artist that stood out (and still does) for me in the comic world was Simon Bisley. I was introduced to his work through collecting 2000 AD, first seeing his black and white work in The A.B.C. Warriors and Slaine. His style was a major influence on my illustrating in my late teens and early twenties. His characterizations and exaggerations, particularly with musculature work is excellent. His colour work is fantastic, but I’ve always had a bit more an appreciation of his black and white work. Fave works of his for me is Slaine – The Horned God, Batman vs Judge Dredd, A.B.C Warriors, The Death Dealer (based on Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer, written by Glenn Danzig). Another big influence back in the day was Tim Vigil, who was the illustrator for the series of Faust – Love of the Damned. Tim’s gory and demonic attention to detail made quite an impact on my younger artistic self, such as that was.

Check it out below:

On the endless plain of twilight, in the shadows of vast mountains who were old before our world was young, a single horn sounds, cleaving the perfect silence with the sound of a thousand hearts breaking as one. The seven gates open as the mournful echoes fade away and creation trembles as the numberless host marches forth from their world of pain. Encased in steel and unflinching resolve the rebels supreme stride out into the darkness; united in purpose, fearless, imperious and ready for war…

With their second album, Fury And Malevolence, Australia’s masters of death and darkness, Oath Of Damnation have summoned up sights unseen by mortal eye; the grandeur, the splendour, the magnificence of eternal war. Immortal horrors glimpsed only in the distant vistas of the cruellest nightmares are brought into bloody existence by the sweeping guitars that scythe through the implacable power of tracks like ‘I Curse Thee, O Lord!’ Drums like infernal machinery thunder beneath riffs that writhe and scream in the throes of profane creation, as death and black metal entwine. ‘Imhullu’ is more than the opening track of this album; it is the revealing of a pathway, a spell to carry you into a world beyond the world, a world of titanic struggle and gargantuan bloodshed.

Six years on from their debut album, The Descent, Oath Of Damnation have returned with an album that defines the essence of that dark hinterland which lies between death and black metal. Performed with remarkable skill and dexterity and painstakingly crafted, these seven songs, these seven gateways will seize your soul in a grip of iron. Having forged an unholy alliance with Gore House Productions Oath Of Damnation are now ready to march forth and conquer. Feel the Fury And Malevolence and kneel before the gods of war!




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