Video Premiere + Interview: Bitch Hawk – Passing Out

Listening to Bitch Hawk is easy. Even if you are just slightly in to heavier tunes, you will instantly raise your fist. Explaining what it is is harder. Bitch Hawk play punk/hardcore without hesitation but blends in all sorts of metal, sludge, trash, black, jazz and make it sound like it is just rock’n’roll, played with the formula: no trigged drums, no lowered strings. In 2018 they released no less that 2 albums, now they are back. May the 20th we will all be Passing Out!

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In the words of singer Fred Burman:

Passing Out is in a sense about fatherhood. I love my kids. But they are slowly killing me. As they grow stronger and more capable everyday, I lose my hair, virility and life force. Right now I need to reset – a wrecking ball. A night off and five shots of alcohol.

The track comes with a video made by Fred:

I made the video for the song with this in mind. The life is literally sucked out of the men in this world by an unknown entity. It drives them mad to the point of total disintegration. It’s Lovecraftian horror with my youngest son as the antagonist.

“Passing Out” is produced by the band and recorded and mixed by Johan Gustafsson (The Hives, Randy, Breach) in Studio Ingrid.

We also briefly spoke to Fred, and you can read that interview below.

Hi Bitch Hawk. Have you been holding up ok since the world ground to a halt a few years ago?

Yes, thank you, we’ve been lucky. Covid all around, but not too serious.

How much of an effect has the difficult past few years had on Bitch Hawk and has it changed you?

It’s been a trial for sure, but we’ve kept ourselves busy. All of us have several projects and bands in different genres, but I would say Bitch Hawk is our passion project – something we do when the need to express chaos and violence is undeniable. And that hasn’t really changed during the pandemic. Maybe I’m more grateful now? That we get to have this outlet.

Passing Out’s ‘life-draining fatherhood’ theme is very interesting and a real take on parenting, none of the glamour. Do you think the reality of parenting is a taboo subject?

Maybe it’s not the common approach in the media and in pop culture, but if you put parents in a room with other parents it won’t take a minute before they’re off on a tangent about the monsters they’re raising. The four of us have fatherhood in common, and I find it to be a well of great depths as a subject to yell my head off about.

What’s harder? Parenting or Bitch Hawk?

We are a pretty hard rocking band, but parenting.

Is this all systems go for Bitch Hawk now?

We have a few singles and an EP lined up after this one. We are very excited about how this recording turned out. So much so, that we want to release it in little snack sized chunks and savour it. Hopefully we’ll make time for some live shows as well. I sure as hell need it.


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