TV Series Review: The Exorcist (Season 2)

“It’s been a long time since I heard God’s voice or felt his touch. Now I don’t feel anything at all. How can I be a vessel for his grace when, in that moment, I rejected his love?”

The Exorcist is an American anthology horror drama television series that debuted on Fox on September 23, 2016. The series stars Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels.

Season 2 picks up with Father Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) and a newly collarless Marcus Keane (Ben Daniels) out of Chicago and on the road, searching out evil. Father Tomas continues his training to become an exorcist under the watchful eye of his partner. Their travels lead them to a troubled young woman in rural Montana, where their investigation puts them in the crosshairs of her extended family. But as Tomas’ skills continue to grow, Marcus begins to worry that his apprentice is taking unnecessary risks.

Across the Atlantic, Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) attempts to weed out those within the Vatican who have turned against God. During his investigation he encounters another foe of demons, Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) who teams with him on his journey.

Ultimately, Tomas and Marcus are led to Andrew Kim (Cho), a former child psychologist who runs a group home for five at-risk foster children on a secluded private island off the coast of Seattle. When one of the children under Andrew’s care is targeted by a powerful force, the two priests head west, setting themselves on a collision course with hell.

A year ago season one of The Exorcist was reviewed by a different member of the site, I personally didn’t agree with the opinions in that review so a heads up my review is with a completely different opinion.

After very much enjoying season one I was heavily anticipating season two. After the end of Regan’s story, the show was able to move forward – free from the shackles of anything that came before. I was excited to see where the story would take us. For starters, I loved how much we got to focus on Marcus and Tomas’ relationship and backstory, finally they could truly take centre stage. Marcus’ dark past haunting him, his loss of faith and his slow building trust in another new apprentice. Tomas’ gifts growing, the demon’s desperate need to take him over, and his absolute faith in God’s plan. Marcus and Tomas both completely make the show for me.

Season 2 was executed well, the way in which our duo were lead to Andy’s house was natural and believable. I was initially concerned about John Cho’s character as I’ve only ever seen him in comedies. But he played Andy perfectly. His love for his children and wife certainly felt genuine. You felt great sympathy for him as the season progressed. Andy’s children were also a surprise. Usually child actors are… lacking, to put it softly (they’re terrible). But, these actors weren’t. They put in a great performance and the characters weren’t annoying or obstructive.
Over all, season two was fantastic from start to finish. I can’t wait to see season three (hopefully to be announced!). I look forward to seeing what Marcus and Tomas get up to, and more awesome looking demons.

Extra (but a spoiler): Peter and Marcus, how cute was that! What even happened to Peter ☹!


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The Exorcist (Season 2)
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