Track by Track: Earthstate – Earthstate

Earthstate is a new alternative rock band from Lyon, France. The band consists of Jackson (vocals) Maxime Divetain (guitar), Dewi Morel (bass) and Thibs Gillie (drums). After building a strong friendship, they all wanted to build an ultimate project to share their influences, their ambitions and their vision of the world.

Earthstate 2

The first two singles “No Turning Back” and “Castle in the Air”, were released early 2019 with the full album available everywhere since March 22nd. On this new release, the band comments:

The album tells the story of a fictional character who decides to leave his daily routine which he does not really enjoy. He goes off to face the unknown and build a better life in a place he doesn’t know (another city, another country, another planet?). Each song of the album will tell a part of his journey, from the moment he decides to leave, until the arrival in his new fictional el-dorado, “Earthstate”.

He goes through all kinds of adventures and emotions, like euphoria, doubt, fear and determination. This travel story will not be deliberately obvious at the first listening or at the first reading of the lyrics. The objective is that the listener can also compare each adventure lived by our character to real events in his daily life. For example, the first single “No Turning Back” talks about the importance of irreversible decisions that we have to make sometimes, and the consequences that we must assume later.”

The band goes further: “In the end, the main message of the album is that nothing is impossible if you give yourself the means, no matter the obstacles you will encounter on the road that will prevent you from starting because you’re scared of failing! Life is way too short to stay in an overwhelming routine that keeps us from being happy! If you have projects, dreams, passions: Do it! As the French proverb says, “whoever tries nothing has nothing!



You can read our review of the album here.

Earthstate 1

Introduction to Redemption”: This wordless introduction, whose title is an undisguised reference to one of our distant influences, lays the foundation for the album’s overall feel. It tells the adventure of a fictional character who leaves his daily routine to explore and conquer the unknown, which explains this atmosphere both catchy and oppressive.

The Decision”: As its title suggests, our fictitious character makes the decision to leave his routine and meaningless daily life and to unleash his unexploited potential. It’s definitely a pop-punk title with a positive message. The message of this title is the main vector of the story told in this album: we are all capable of fulfilling our dreams, it is a question of will.

Get Ready, Say Goodbye”: This title speaks of the first difficulty to overcome when you leave your family and friends to build a new life elsewhere. The whole question is whether this social sacrifice is necessary to make sense of your new life. The title still remains energetic, to show that the determination remains intact.

The Void Call”: We are talking here about the expulsion of departure, the feeling of freedom that finally attacks the dreams and desires that take place in action. It’s easy to say that we would like to change things and live adventures out of our comfort zone, much less to act and to really leave!

No Turning Back”: After the action, the awareness: it is no longer possible to turn back, the character is forced to go at the end of his journey. We are talking here about the consequences of some of our decisions, some are irreversible, and we must assume them. It is a title very powerful that represents our various influences, so we chose it as the first single for our first music video, released back in January.

Interlude”: A well-deserved break before the second part of the trip. The interlude is the junction between the first titles which evoke the departure and the mental preparation before, and the second part which will deal with the adventures encountered during the journey until the final result.

Fallen Peace”: The darkest and most violent title of the album. Like a space battle, the title evokes doubt and helplessness in the face of omnipresent threats and the fear of the unknown. This is the hardest part of the journey for our character, who will finally manage to overcome this hardship after hesitating to give up.

Castle in the Air”: We return to a positive message with this title. This one recalls, following the logic of the previous track, the joy and the feeling of power you feel when you manage to overcome obstacles you thought too difficult to cross. “Building a Castle in the Air” is an expression that means “to achieve the impossible”. This is the second single of the album, for which we released a lyric video a few days before the release of the album.

After All”: The excitement of having the hardships behind you leaves room for a feeling of inner emptiness. The hardest is behind: the final achievement is very near and seems so far away at the same time. What is the purpose to realize all these exploits when we have nobody to share with?

Earthstate”: It represents the final result, the achievement of the ultimate goal set at the beginning of the adventure. We imagine here the arrival on a promised land, like a new planet, where our protagonist can start building a new life without the mistakes of the previous one. It is for this utopian vision that we have kept Earthstate as the name for the album, but also for the band.

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