Top 5 Horror Films Depicting the Dark Side of Student Life

If you believe that college assignments and exams are the most frightening aspects of student life, you should think about something else. Things are way more dim! Just consider an odd professor who looks strange or those creepy sounds that come from the lab in the campus’s basement. If that sounds familiar, you ought to check out some horror films that depict the dark side of being a student or visiting the campus of your friend. Without further ado, let’s move on to some spooky titles!

 Top 5 Horror Films Depicting the Dark Side of Student Life

  1. Flatliners.

Let me warn you, this is a truly scary movie that will be even more special for Nursing or Healthcare students. Well, this one is not overly graphical, so do not get too frightened. This one is about various medical experiments in the lab that end up with bad results. Without giving too much away, it is about the after-death experiences. Still, it is not a dumb horror flick and really makes you reflect and think about our student’s responsibility. If you wish to write an ethical paper based on this movie, is one of the best and most legitimate solutions. Now, do not be busy with anything, get some friends along, and start watching! 

  1. Urban Legend.

This one is based on the folklore aspect of life and the community legends. It goes around the murders in the local community that take place on campus. Does this sound scary enough? Well, the bad thing is that these murders are somehow related to the legends that everyone seems to know. It is also a detective and a mystery, which makes this horror flick a bit more interesting than the titles, where the monsters and bloodshed take place. It also shows a great community spirit where everyone seems to be friendly!

  1. The House on Sorority Row.

Some people already feel the chills going down their spines as they hear the word “sorority.” Now, it’s about the oldie horror trick that tells us about a group of female students who meet at the graduation party. Now, the horror begins, and there is no way to see who has started it all…

  1. The Skulls. 

It’s all about the legendary Skull and Bones Society that might take place at Yale University. This horror flick tries to see whether it is true, along with the main protagonist Luke. As he unfolds the mystery, things are not what they truly seem. It is the world that has no way back…

  1. Master.

This is about three African-American women who visit a haunted liberal arts college located somewhere in New England. The worst horror that takes place is about racism, which shows us so many dark sides of student’s life and the bullying.

Why Are These Horror Films So Popular?

Believe it or not, horror films help us to heal and relax as we face our fears and let the stress and even toxins out. Watching horror student films, we can see college professors and ourselves as we move through the challenges that take place on screen. Since we often wish to scream our lungs out, taking a look at the horror titles becomes a great replacement. Just think about these aspects as you watch the next flick, take notes, and consider writing a reflective essay, as you need a good and emotional topic. Just make sure to look around your back and have a door latch as you start to write!


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