Top 10 Wince-inducing Moments in Horror!

Here are 10 moments that may not have scared me but definitely made me wince. You know the sort of things…the worst kind of injuries inflicted on a person or just a down-right gross scene. There have been quite a few but I’ve chosen 10 that are quite personal to me….


10 – The Evil Dead

Pencil Scene

By today standards the effects in the original Evil Dead are looking quite ropey & the impact has diminished over the years…except for one scene. When the pencil gets jammed into one unsuspecting victim ankle I shuddered. Not only that but we get to see it up close as the deadite bends it & twists the inserted pencil.

9 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Hook

Texas is still one of the most brutal horror movies I have ever seen & watching it is a lesson in pain & suffering. There are numerous deaths that could all be considered wince-inducing but the one that sticks in my mind is when Leatherface hooks one of his victims onto a hanging meat hook. She is still alive & has to watch while Leatherface cuts up her boyfriend.

8 – The Human Centipede II

Huamn Centipide

If you want gore & nasty scenes there are plenty to go around in this mess of a movie. The one that made me wince though involved a hammer & chisel being used to ‘remove’ teeth. It is up close & nasty…

7 – Cannibal Holocaust


When I finally settled down to watch this infamous video nasty last year for the very first time I was very impressed & could easily see why it got its name. Nothing shocked me really throughout except one scene that I really didn’t like. The amateur film makers capture a giant turtle, kill it & cut it up in a pretty barbaric way. That doesn’t sound so bad huh? Well add the knowledge that it was a real turtle & suddenly it gets a whole lot darker.

6 – Braindead

Braindead Custard

Laughs & gore are plentiful in Braindead & wince moments are around every corner. However one stands heads above all the rest just because it’s…so nasty. Lionel & his mother have received guests. During dessert one of Lionel’s mothers many issues arises & pus is spurted into a bowl of custard which the male guest then takes a big mouthful off. Euggghhh!

5 – Ichi the Killer


If you can get hold of an un-cut version of this brutal movie you will be able to see one the more painful scenes in the movie. A woman’s nipples are stretched out using clamps on the edge of a table & a sharp knife is used to slice them off…all in close-up. Considering the sensitivity of the nipples this scene is just too much.

4 – Misery


When you mention Misery & scenes that made you wince everyone thinks of the same thing. The ankle breaking scene….In it Annie doesn’t want Paul to go now that he is better & figures if he can’t walk, he can’t leave so she puts a block of wood between his ankles & then smashes his ankles with a sledgehammer. The moment where you see the foot bend around the block is horrific.

3 – Zombie Flesh Eaters

Zombie Flesh Eaters

One of my all-time favourite zombie movies…make sure you see the uncut version so you can get this scene in all its glory. The wife of the doctor gets grabbed by a zombie by her hair through the splintered remains of a door. He slowly drags her head closer to a piece of wood sticking out as she screams in terror. We see the wood enter the eye, the bit where it smashes the eyeball up & then breaks off. All the while she roars (and I mean roars) in pain. A genuine moment that I struggle to watch…

2 – Antichrist


I could write all day about how much I hate this movie but it has its fair moments of nastiness. Normally a scene that involves a man being hit in his junk then being wanked off unconscious before cumming blood would be worthy of this spot but the one that follows it is way worse. Try a close up scene of a clit being cut off with rusty scissors, yes this actually happens.

1 – I Spit On Your Grave

I Spit

I’ve chosen this scene because I’m a man & no man ever wants to have something like this happen to them. Sharing a sexy bath with the woman you gang-raped was never going to be a good idea. So as she begins to stimulate him he closes his eyes remarking how good it feels. She then brings in a knife & proceeds to cut his penis off. His initial reaction is that it is kind of hurting now before he opens his eyes & sees all the blood. Cue panic & although he totally deserved it, many men had tears in their eyes.


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