Top 10: Things I Want to See at E3 2018

Another year, another E3 to get hyped about. Overhyped would probably be a better way of describing it. Still, it’s something I look forward to every year. It’s a joy to witness all of the new gaming experiences being unveiled on the big stage. Surprisingly, there aren’t as many solid rumours floating around about potential reveals as there has been in previous years. This may change as there is still a couple of weeks to go. We’ll likely see further footage of games that have been in development for the last few years. However, I’m always more interested in seeing brand new IP. Sony & Nintendo will almost definitely have another solid outing but it is once again Microsoft who need to bring the big guns.

10 – Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of my favourite games of this generation, it’s stunning and underrated. The sequel has been announced but we haven’t seen anything about it since. I’m hoping to see a gameplay trailer and a release date.

09 – Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 3

I have a genuine soft spot for the Garden Warfare games, they are just such a blast. I’m not too sure what can be added or changed to improve things. I know I’d be happy with more of the same.

08 – Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Seriously, if we don’t see anything about it at this E3 I’m going to starting thinking it might not be happening. It has been many years since it was announced so surely there should be something to display. I’m not talking about a simple trailer, I want gameplay and a release date dammit.

07 – Superman (Rocksteady)

In the last few days, rumours have arisen suggesting we might get the long teased open-world Superman game from Rocksteady. It’s quite easy to envision so it wouldn’t surprise me too much if this turned out to be a reality. Will it be balanced enough considering you’d be playing as Superman? Time will tell but I’m interested.

06 – Fable 4 (Reboot)

In terms of rumours that have been floating around, this is a big one. I have my doubts that Microsoft would invest in a large, open-world sequel. The ways in which the IP has been used in recent years shows me that they don’t see much value in the franchise. I could be wrong and I do hope that I am. There isn’t much else around like Fable so there’s a decent space in the market for it. Also, the advancements that there has been with multiplayer and online gaming might just be the missing ingredient.

05 – AAA title from 2K Games

2K are working on something big. Most people believe it to be Borderlands 3 which makes a lot of sense for many reasons. Less people think there is an outside chance it could be a new Bioshock game. 2K themselves have stated that the Bioshock franchise is still huge for them so why not? I know people have their reservations but I’d love for it to happen. Bioshock with the current technology available? Yes please.

04 – Dragon Age 3, Inquisition 2 or something else

Bioware have already confirmed that this is happening and I cannot wait. I know people feel burned after Mass Effect: Andromeda but it isn’t the same. Inquisition was awesome and very underappreciated. It gave us an epic story, fantastic tactical combat and a host of likeable characters. I am very confident that the team behind that game will deliver something equally as special.

03 – New IPs coming to Xbox

Talking of Microsoft….. It’s been a whole year since Xbox One X was fully revealed and it has since released. I’ve purchased the console and enjoy the visual upgrade that it has delivered. However, I do feel that nothing has fully taken advantage of the power that is available. The only way this will happen is if Microsoft themselves help craft an IP from scratch that truly pushes the hardware to the limit. Halo 6 & Gears 5 are definite possibilities but what the platform is crying out for is something innovative. Give us something unlike anything that currently exists on Xbox. A brand new IP that can become a staple of the platform.

02 – Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red have confirmed that they are going to be at E3 to showcase an RPG. It will almost definitely be the long awaited Cyberpunk 2077. Still, there is an outside chance it could be something from The Witcher franchise or perhaps something new altogether. No matter what it ends up being, this should be one to watch.

01 – The Elder Scrolls VI

I had this on my list last year and it just didn’t happen. I’m almost certain that this year will be different. Well, hoping that I am anyway. Come on Bethesda, this excruciating wait has gone on long enough. In 2016, they stated that they were working on two games that were bigger than anything we’ve ever seen…. Watch this space. I’d love to see some kind of spin-off continuation of The Evil Within or Prey as well. How about Doom 2? It has been two years since it released. 2018 could be a massive E3 for Bethesda and gaming as a whole.

Well, there you have it. I’ll be very happy if we see all of these things mentioned at E3 2018. What games do you hope to see?

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