Top 10: Things We Want To See At E3 2017

I know it feels like only yesterday since E3 2016 but with only a measly 4 months or so to go, E3 2017 is slowly starting to creep up. I never used to pay much attention to the video game expo extravaganza also known as E3 but I’ve grown to really look forward to it every year and this time around I’m no different. Witnessing new footage of an already announced title that I’m excited about or an unveiling of a brand new IP is always a joy to witness. Sure, sometimes the final product doesn’t always deliver what is promised which is undeniably an annoyance shared by all fans of the medium. Still, 2017 promises to be another huge year with Nintendo only weeks away from releasing brand new hardware and Microsoft leaving everybody highly anticipating what they called “the most powerful console ever created”.

Here is a list of 10 things that I hope to see at E3 2017! –

10 – Brand new IPs coming to Xbox

I wasn’t particularly interested in Scalebound but admit that it did look impressive and its cancellation is no doubt a huge blow to Microsoft. A whole lot of time, money and anticipation went into that game and to lose it at the stage that we did is a big loss. The presentation of Project Scorpio will mean very little if it doesn’t have a decent line-up of games to support it & I’m not talking about Halo 6 or a new Gears of War title. I want some fresh & original IPs that will make the purchase of a new console worthwhile. I’d love to see a new open-world RPG title or a big budget action-adventure IP to rival The Last of Us, hey a man can dream.

09 – Resident Evil 2 (remake)

Remember when Capcom announced that they would be making a full-blown remake of Resident Evil 2? Well, that was a few years back now so surely we’re due some new information on the project.  Apparently Capcom will have a presentation at E3 so I’m hoping we’ll see a trailer or even better a release date.

08 – Ubisoft – New Assassins Creed/ Far Cry

Believe it or not, there wasn’t a major AC game released in 2016. We all know this was simply done as to not confuse people over the release of the Assassins Creed movie. Still, I’m really interested to see what Ubisoft can do with the franchise to breathe some new life into it. If this new game doesn’t deliver then it could be hugely damaging for the series going forward.

I really enjoyed Far Cry 4 and while Primal was decent it was more of a spin off than an actual sequel. I’d love to see Far Cry 5 announced, the games are always great fun.

07 – Dead Space 4

I know I’m probably dreaming on this one but why? The Dead Space franchise was successful for EA and even though the 3rd game wasn’t quite as good as the first two it was still a damn fine horror/action title. I’d love to have a next generation Dead Space, imagine how cool that could be? With the success of Resident Evil 7, the chances of this happening are hopefully increased.

06 – Rayman Legends 2

Man, I loved Rayman Legends. It was such crazy, colourful madness and it doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion. The controls were inch perfect, if you made an error it was down to your shortcomings and not the game. It required genuine skill to make it past certain sections but mostly it was just plain old fun. I would absolutely love a sequel full of new levels, more music stages and brand new colourful characters.

05 – Shenmue 3/Shenmue 1 & 2 HD

While I realise the only way I will likely ever experience Shenmue 3 is if I buy a modern Sony Console, Shenmue 3 is a game that I MUST play. It was something that was never meant to happen; it still blows my mind that it’s actually in development. I don’t expect it release this year but I’m hoping for a decent trailer. I know it might seem costly but SEGA would be downright stupid not to capitalize with re-released versions of the original games, please SEGA.

04 – Final Fantasy VII Remake

How could I not have this on here? Again, I’m not so sure we’ll end up getting the first part of this by the end of the year but recent screenshots suggest it is coming along nicely. Talking about screenshots, what was with that one that had Cloud taking cover behind a crate? That troubled me.

Anyway, it is still up in the air whether or not this will even come to any Microsoft console but when and if it does, I know I’ll be buying it on day one. If we can’t have a release date then I’d settle for a lengthy trailer and with Square now free from the shackles of FFXV, anything is possible.

03 – The Elder Scrolls VI

I’m almost certain that this will be announced at E3 and I wouldn’t be shocked if it released this year, similar to the Fallout 4 announcement and release. My only concern is that a quick release means we’re likely getting a game on the same engine as Fallout 4 and for real, that thing needs updating now. I’d rather wait another year if it meant getting a truly next generation Elder Scrolls game.

02 – A new Bioshock game

I’m crazy right? I just don’t understand why 2K wouldn’t at least attempt this. 2K might fear that expectations would be so high, they couldn’t possibly deliver. Sadly, my expectations would be quite low and I think others would feel the same. With Irrational Games out of the picture, it seems extremely unlikely that we’d get a game on par with the first or infinite.

I just want a next generation Bioshock in that universe. People have suggested the potential for a setting in space, I’m on board with that idea.

01 – Project Scorpio

Of all of the things that I hope to see at E3 2017, this one is 100% guaranteed to happen. Microsoft’s entire press conference will primarily revolve around the proper announcement of this new console. It is due out by the end of the year so like everybody else; I want to know when it will release and most importantly how much it will cost? It won’t be cheap, that is if it can deliver what Microsoft have maintained it can. Interestingly, Microsoft have moved their conference to the Sunday which puts them up before Sony. I hope they have something truly huge planned or people might not remember by the end of the weekend.


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