Top 10 Most Attractive Game Characters

Unlike films, games can stretch on for as many hours as you want to put into them, which often build up to a lot if you’re invested or enjoy exploring. So while it’s not always important the characters you’re seeing are easy on the eyes, it definitely helps. In no particular order here are some of the characters I think are most pleasing to look at.

Jackie Estacado


Long black hair, Italian-american and able to control and wield a dark force inside himself, what more do you need? On top of that he’s loyal, caring and willing to literally go to hell and back to save the woman he loves. Give us The Darkness III, damn it!

Lara Croft


People have been lusting after Lara through the generations but I’ve only recently come to know her in the modern games. She’s resilient, intelligent and manages to look amazing throughout it all.

Kaidan Alenko


Kaidan Alenko is more than meets the eye, with his bionic abilities and dark past. I’ve been crushing hard on him since the first moment I saw him and he’s one of the first characters that gave me butterflies in real life.

Geralt of Rivia


A dangerous monster hunter with stunning golden eyes and scars, what’s not to like? Not including his sarcastic wit and ability to control a multitude of elements. If only witchers were but a myth.

Yennefer of Vengerberg


Yennefer is as beautiful as she is powerful, with a take no shit attitude, I definitely wouldn’t want to be on the end of her wrath. Geralt is a lucky man.

Poison Ivy


Batman may be able to resist her seductive charm but others are not so strong willed. One of the more reasonable villains: but still just as deadly to get tangled up with.

Mr Scratch (Alan Wake)


As evil as Mr Scratch is, there’s no doubt he definitely makes Alan more interesting. I can’t help but develop crushes on the evilest guy in the room and Mr Scratch is quite literally one of my darkest.

Elizabeth DeWitt (Burial at Sea DLC)


To go from seeing the previous Elizabeth as innocent to this Elizabeth as attractive was strange but it’s easy to find this version of her sexy. She’s quick witted and willing to do anything to survive, all while pulling off her perfect 50’s outfit no matter how bloodied it gets.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Like a fine wine, Ezio only gets better with age. Ezio is beautiful from his physical appearance right down to his sacrifice and morality. Besides that his Italian accent definitely helps. Perfetto!

Dorian Pavus


I played as a male for the first time in a Bioware game especially so I could romance this perfect being. Dorian is snarky at its best but it’s his gentle moments with you that really make you feel special and eager for every magical moment you get to spend with him.

Disagree with any or did I miss anyone out?

(Remember this is just my opinion and based on the games I’ve currently played)


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