Top 10 Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain Achievements (If Only)

Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain was undoubtedly one of the best games on the original Playstation and is something of a forgotten gem. What if it were re-released today on modern consoles? What if we could gain achievements in the game for completing various tasks? If only.

10 – Forced to the road and the long bitter night – Survive for at least 5 minutes as a human.

When the game begins you are cast out by an innkeeper who refuses you refuge. You are “forced to the road and the long bitter night” and as soon as you leave the tavern you are immediately hunted down by guards who intend to kill you. You can take a few hits before you inevitably die but could you survive for 5 minutes in this weakened form?

09 – The heart of darkness – Drink the blood of 100 tortured souls.


Throughout the game you’ll come across many humans who are chained to walls and act as an easy way of replenishing your health. You’ll have to keep an eye out for them but its well worth it for the health boost.

08 – The Impaler – Drink the blood of 1000 enemies.


This one would definitely come with progression through the game but seeing as enemies do respawn quickly, there may be ways to grind this earlier in the game.

07 – The blood of ages – Drink from 5 blood fountains


If you explore the world and search everywhere you’ll come across these useful fountains that will not only replenish all of your health but will increase it, very useful indeed.

06 – Unleash the beast – Spend 4 hours in werewolf form


This should come pretty easily by simply playing through the game as there are certain landscapes that can only be traversed as a werewolf. You can’t simply become a werewolf and just put the controller down for 4 hours though as you can only stay in that form for a limited time.

05 – “If it is death you seek, I will not deny you!” – defeat Nuprator


You must obviously defeat Nuprator to progress in the game and it isn’t a terribly difficult battle but it’s still an important one as his death restores the first pillar, the pillar of the mind. Also, you get the mace as a reward which is useful because it stuns enemies so you can drink their blood and never kills them.

04 – “Oh to bathe in the blood of others” – Drink the blood of 10 enemies at once.


About half way through the game you’ll acquire a spell that allows you drink multiple enemies’ blood at the same time. All you have to do is get 10 of them together and watch in horror as 10 different blood streams flow towards Kain.

03 – Vae Victis! – Strike down 1000 enemies

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Another one that would come by naturally progressing through the game, you’ll encounter well over 1000 enemies and they do respawn so it shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire.

02 – “At my whim the world will be healed, or dammed” – Make your choice


At the very end of the game, you get the option of choosing whether you save Nosgoth, the world and restore the pillars or you can choose to embrace your power and destroy it all.

01 – A dark God – complete the game in under 6 hours


This is definitely possible; even if you explore everywhere you should be able to get this.


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