Top 10 Best Found Footage Horror Movies

Ten? Ten good, even great found footage horror movies? We’re not just talking passable, we’re talking about memorable horror that can proudly hold its head up as the leaders of the sub-genre, on par with the cream of horror. The kind of movies that you want to recommend. Impossible? Not so.

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If reading about the best found footage has to offer you isn’t really for you, you can read our top 10 worst found footage horror movies list here.

So sit back & enjoy a top 10 that doesn’t necessarily buck the trend but instead utilise what they have to make a very enjoyable horror movie.

10 – Paranormal Activity (2007)

Our Score: 5/10

Best Found Footage 3

The first & still the best. The subtle nature & tension filled build to an exciting finale is why Paranormal Activity can be fondly remembered. The mysterious nature of the demonic force & just why it chooses this couple to attack just heightens the tense moments.

From our review that you can read here.

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“It hasn’t aged well & the sub-genre has been run into the ground but Paranormal Activity still has things that are enjoyable. The subtle creep factor & bigger moments work well while the oppressive sound effect that builds towards a moment is chilling.”

9 – Digging Up the Marrow (2014)

Our Score: 6/10

Best Found Footage 5

A smart peek behind the curtain as Hatchett director Adam Green takes part in a horror documentary that is all about proving that monsters do exist! An incredible turn by Ray Wise & the intrigue created by the mystery of the Marrow is what stands out.

From our review that you can read here.

Best Found Footage 6

“It’s a real pity because the idea behind this was good, the found-footage style is actually really enjoyable (mostly) & the cast are all pretty likable. It just lacks a decent finish especially when so little happens leading up to it.”

8 – Unfriended (2014)

Our Score: 7/10

Best Found Footage 7

An early attempt at using the trappings of social media to make a scary found-footage horror. One that uses its tools well & is particularly imaginative when it comes to using internet video calling to create scares.

From our review that you can read here.

Best Found Footage 8

“An actual good attempt at taking the found-footage horror in an interesting & modern direction.”

7 – The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Our Score: 7/10

Best Found Footage 9

In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found. The impact this movie had on cinema can’t be understated, it turned found-footage into a legitimate horror movie goldmine & while it hasn’t aged well it still holds much of its original impact.

From our review that you can read here.

Best Found Footage 10

“The movie builds its thrills well & avoids any jump scare moments. It’s a classic way to do horror…start off subtly & build towards your frantic & terrifying finale.”

6 – Exhibit A (2007)

Our Score: 8/10

Best Found Footage 11

Although it stupidly spoils its own ending on the cover of the DVD, Exhibit A is a thrilling found-footage horror that takes a modern British family & shows what happens when the pressures of life gets too much.

From our review that you can read here.

Best Found Footage 12

“The indie style of the movie works well with the story content. The gloomy British weather casting a constant dark feel to proceedings. Those hoping for a happy ending would be best looking elsewhere. Exhibit A is a harrowing watch, one that will leave you feeling quite despondent afterwards.”

5 – Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Best Found Footage 13

Released in 1980, Cannibal Holocaust is the first real found-footage horror as we see what occurred what a film crew went deep into the Amazon rain-forest & found a cannibalistic tribe. Shockingly horrific & controversial (the animal deaths are in extremely bad taste), it is a compelling watch that keeps you hooked all the way up to its bloody & visceral finale.

4 – The Bay (2012)

Our Score: 8/10

Best Found Footage 14

An impressive take on the found-footage horror that turns an ecological disaster into a horrific disease that destroys a small water-front town. Often harrowing to watch, it is not one for the squeamish.

From our review that you can read here.

Best Found Footage 15

“It’s a smart story that drip feeds it’s information creating a wonderfully dark atmosphere that stays with you long after the movie has ended.”

3 – Grave Encounters (2011)

Our Score: 8/10

Best Found Footage 16

The scariest movie you’ve never seen.

From our review that you can read here.

Best Found Footage 17

“When things take a turn it is done so subtlety that it leaves you feeling uneasy. You know what is coming & you want to see it play out. Something as innocent as a wheelchair moving behind a cameraman who is cleaning up the screen leaves you feeling decisively creeped out.”

2 – The Borderlands (2013)

Our Score: 9/10

Best Found Footage 18

The Borderlands would be number one on this list if it was a top 10 of most shocking & unpredictable endings. A slow & brooding build regarding the possibility of paranormal activity at a small church in the English countryside, The Borderlands is so good that the found-footage style is completely forgotten about.

From our review that you can read here.

Best Found Footage 19

“I love being surprised & another reason why I will watch any horror even if it includes ideas/tropes that I hate. The Borderlands is a great horror movie that combines classic film-making with modern ideas. See this movie.”

1 – [Rec] (2007)

Best Found Footage 20

An incredible Spanish horror movie that made the humble zombie something to be feared again. Set with the small confines of an apartment block, [Rec] is a terrifying experience that hasn’t been matched by any found footage or zombie flick to date.

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