The Top 10 Best Black Spiders’ Songs

With the rocking boys from up north’s short career about to come to an end, we here at GBHBL wanted to remind ourselves & everyone of just why Black Spiders are so beloved. With only 2 albums & an EP to draw from you might think coming up with a top 10 Black Spiders’ songs might be difficult but that is far from the truth. This is a band that know how to write banging rock & roll songs.

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On a personal note: Black Spiders aren’t just a really great rock band. They’re also really good dudes who interact with their fans & are happy to go that extra step. I’m very proud to own a personalised vinyl LP of This Savage Land with the dedication of ‘FUCF’ (Fuck You Carl Fisher) written on it. I’ve met lead singer Pete Spiby at an Airbourne gig in London & he was an absolute gent to my idiotic fanboy-ism.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live several times over the years & they never have never let me down. Highlights include their storming set at Sonisphere in 2014 & supporting Volbeat at the Kentish Town Forum in 2011.

They will be missed. Fuck You Black Spiders!

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10 – Cold Dead Hands (Volume)

Volume doesn’t exactly have the best of what Black Spiders would eventually have to offer (although there are plenty of early versions of later big hitters). However Cold Dead Hands is a great early example of the rhythmic rock that would become a stable of the BS diet. Fast, pacey riffs with a seriously hooky chorus & great sounding vocals.

9 – Put Love in its Place (This Savage Land)

Black Spiders don’t really do ballads but Put Love in its Place is as close as you’re going to get. The lovely soft vocals & melody that leads into the harder hitting chorus stands out on an album that is mostly filled with up-tempo rock songs.

8 – Young Tongues (This Savage Land)

The classic Black Spiders groove with an uplifting beat & hooky chorus. Young Tongues is between two of the strongest tracks on This Savage Land but still manages to stand out in its own way, thanks in part to an absolute belter of a guitar solo.

Black Spiders 3

7 – St. Peter (Sons of the North)

One of the more surprising tracks to come from Sons of the North. The country-music feel of the guitars & confident sounding vocals leads into one of the best Black Spiders choruses to date.

“St. Peter, won’t you let me in? Lord knows all the trouble I’m in”

Pete Spiby absolute kills it here on vocals & the burst of speed that comes at the end is incredibly thrilling.

6 – Si, El Diablo (Sons of the North)

Coming at the very end of the Sons of the North album you could be mistaken for thinking that Black Spiders would phone in the odd track or two. However, with the riff heavy, groove swagger 0f Si, El Diablo it becomes clear that they don’t do ‘phoning in’.

5 – Balls (This Savage Land)

Proof that Black Spiders had lost none of their vigour or tongue in cheek approach on their second album. Balls is a wonderfully catchy, beat-laden number that is pure Black Spiders’ gold. It’s impossible to not have a smile on your face when listening to Balls.

4 – Kiss Tried to Kill Me (Sons of the North)

A direct reference to the band’s influences & a song that just oozes sexy swagger. Incredibly catchy with some banging riffs, a live favourite for all Black Spider fans.

Black Spiders 4

3 – Stay Down (Sons of the North)

“Fuck you & this one horse town”

With that line Black Spiders made their intent clear. They weren’t going to take anyone’s shit. Stay Down is the opening track of the 2001 album, Sons of the North. A pacey number that is built around killer riffing & a really rock swagger. It’s an opener that gets the head-banging instantly & many (me included) became instant fans.

2 – Blood of the Kings (Sons of the North)

One of the longest songs Black Spiders ever wrote. Blood of the Kings is also one of their most adventurous & exciting. The slow groove sound breaks into an upbeat chorus that just soars. The highlight of the track though comes at the end with a killer solo & emotive slave chant.

Black Spiders 5

1 – What Good’s a Rock without a Roll? (Sons of the North)

My personal favourite Black Spiders song. An absolute call to arms & one that rolls along at a breakneck pace. It’s an absolute barn-burner of a track with a glorious rolling beat that gets the blood pumping.

“Eat thunder, shit lightening”

So what’s your favourite Black Spiders song?


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