The Top 10 Bands We Want To See At Bloodstock 2018

With two bands already announced for Bloodstock 2018 (Gojira & Nightwish), speculation is in full flow. What else might we have in store for the next edition of the best UK rock & metal festival in the UK?

2017 may have been stunning but it’s done now. So as the months go by the rumour mill will ramp up for 2018 with more & more potential bands being requested & wished for. From Judas Priest to Korn to Emperor to Manowar. Some of the biggest names in metal will be touted as potential Bloodstock bands.

Bloodstock 2018 1

We here at Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life tend not to speculate on possible band announcements. However as fans we have our own personal hopes for who might show up. So for fun, this top 10 is based around the bands we would like to see play Bloodstock 2018! We’ve been realistic here too, choosing bands based around the size & type that are normally booked for the festival…so no Metallica’s or Iron Maidens!

10 – Misfits (Re-united)

Bloodstock 2018 2

A man can dream, right?

9 – Nails

Bloodstock 2018 3

The unbridled fury of Nails coming off the back of the best album of 2016 (The Disc ranked it No.1) would be a sight to behold. No nonsense, no show…just 30-45 minutes of head-banging/circle pitting mayhem.

8 – Carach Angren

Bloodstock 2018 4

Black metal needs more representation at Bloodstock with the 2017 edition really lacking. So fingers crossed 2018 will see more bands in higher positions. One such band that should be a shoe-in based off their latest album (Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten) is the excellent Carach Angren. Give them a late night slot inside the Sophie Lancaster tent & the atmosphere will be incredible.

7 – Cradle of Filth

Bloodstock 2018 5

Cradle need to come back to Bloodstock & with a new album out soon the possibility is high. Throw in that Dani was at the 2017 event with his other band, Devilment & we would be shocked if they don’t (either as a headliner or special guest). With a back-catalogue that is so strong they could play for hours & still be entertaining.

6 – Nightrage

Bloodstock 2018 6

How the hell have Nightrage not appeared at Bloodstock already!?

5 – While She Sleeps

Bloodstock 2018 7

A potential controversial booking but one that I believe could win over the purists. Bloodstock is regularly booking bands that don’t fit the usual MO for the festival now so While She Sleeps would be a perfect fit.

4 – Cavalera Conspiracy

Bloodstock 2018 8

While many may be asking for the ‘Return to Roots’ tour to stop by Bloodstock next year, we’d much prefer to see Conspiracy take to the stage. It’s some of Max & Iggor’s strongest work & they just don’t seem to ever play the UK (Inkflikted tour) plus they can throw in Roots at the end too!

3 – Deafheaven

Bloodstock 2018 9

The best post-metal band out there, two of their albums received 10/10 from us (Roads to Judah & New Bermuda). They would tear Bloodstock apart while bringing tears to the eyes of everyone listening thanks to their incredible mix of metal & melody.

2 – Waldgeflüster

Bloodstock 2018 10

Seemingly unknown in the UK, Waldgeflüster are a post-black metal/melodic black metal band that are simply incredible. Their latest album, Ruinen released last year was narrowly beaten to the best album of 2016 slot but it does have the honour of having the best song of 2016 on it. If I was to hear Aschephönix live I’ll probably cry.

1 – Turisas

Bloodstock 2018 11

It’s been far too long since battle metal has been brought to the UK let alone Bloodstock. The band has been very quiet over the last few years with very little talk of new music & only occasional live dates in Europe. A new album & re-energised band would be one of the highlights of the entire 2018 weekend.

So who would you like to see play?


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