Top 10 Achievements In Shadow Man (If Only)

The chances of us getting a re-released or remake of Shadowman has to be pretty much zero. I love it, others do too but that doesn’t mean the greater gaming world did.

Shadowman…an old favourite played across 4 different systems. The PS1 was a graphical mess, the N64 missing too much content, the Dreamcast was pretty much perfect & the PC was just as good. I love this game & have done many of the challenges such as collecting all 120 dark souls & completing it fully.

So let’s imagine it was released again with our favourite system, the achievement system! What might they look like? How challenging would they be? Well this is my personal top 10 that would make the game much more of a challenge.


10 – Make it from the boat to the church without taking any damage.


When you first gain control of Mike (Shadow Man) he jumps from a boat to the swamp floor. You then have to traverse the swamp without taking a single hit until you get inside the church. Not as tough as it sounds…

9 – Kill all of the crocodiles in the Bayou swamp in one visit.


This is something you will almost certainly want to do when you’ve covered the swamp in darkness as you’ve then got your shadow gun. The area is bigger then it first seems & the crocs aren’t initially obvious.

8 – Cast darkness over the Bayou using E’Clipser.


Story-related achievement…for Mike to take on the five he needs darkness so he can become Shadow Man. Finding the 3 parts of E’Clipser & then getting back to Nettie will see a cut-scene play out & viola! You can now be Shadow Man in the Bayou swamp.

7 – Have 5 different conversations with Jaunty.

Mike & Jaunty

Jaunty is the skull-faced snake that stands guard at the Marrow Gates…he’s an Irish snake that loves to chat & any time you move the plot forward it’s worth paying him a visit to see what more he has to add.

6 – Defeat the five serial killers.

The Five

Five serial killers…story related as you can’t progress until they are all dead. Each come with their own challenge but good players will be significantly powered up by time you reach Jack 2. The biggest hurdle is the maze like levels of the abandoned London Tube station & derelict hotel.

5 – Kill 666 inmates across the entire game.


This is a grind one as inmates are those that you find inside Asylum only. It doesn’t matter what the type is as long as they are inmates. A standard trip through a section of Asylum might net 30 or 40 kills & you’ll visit a number of times in larger areas. With back-tracking for secrets & dark souls the kill count will just keep going up so the grind probably isn’t that bad.

4 – Find all of the accumulators & unlock the violator.

Shadow Man Violater

There are 5 accumulator keys hidden throughout the game…3 will open the case in Asylum to the violator & the other 2 will open the ammo cases. Why go to so much effort for a gun? It’s the best weapon in the game & the end boss isn’t far away at this stage.

3 – Defeat Legion with your shadow gun only.


Speaking of him…simple beat him with just your shadow gun. It’s not easy & will probably take some time but should you have collected lots of dark souls your gun should be upgraded significantly.

2 – Don’t die once throughout the game.

Shadow Man

Enemies aren’t the problem here…no, the real challenge comes from traversing the temples were a missed jump or poor hand-hold means falling into a pit of lava. That is instant death unless you have the tattoos that allows you survive it which you don’t get until late in the game.

1 – Collect every dark soul.

Dark Souls

There are 120 dark souls hidden across all over Deadside & Liveside. Some are fiendishly difficult to find & a lot of back-tracking with the right gear is necessary. It’s a long one but extremely do-able.


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