Three Base Building Online Games To Try Today

People play video games for many different reasons. For some it is a momentary distraction, a brief moment of respite before you have to go to bed, so you can wake up early for work again.

For others, however, video games are a way to allow one’s creativity to flourish in different ways, be it storytelling through role-play, designing new clothes, or even letting their inner architect out to build new buildings that serve all sorts of purpose.

Many developers today have come to realize how their games could be a creative outlet for the aspiring architects of the world and have worked hard to implement mechanics that facilitate their creative endeavours.

Here are some of the games that do it best:

Fallout 76

Yes, we know that just hearing the name Fallout 76 is enough to get your blood boiling, the game had a terrible launch and a disastrous aftermath, BUT, through metric tons of elbow grease, Bethesda has been turning this game into something worthwhile.

Besides adding NPCs and improving the game’s performance, Fallout 76 also spruced up their C.A.M.P building feature, to the point where players are actually coming up with some impressive creations.

Sure the game still needs a little work, but you can see the developers continued support for the game pay up in the form of the freedom you are given with the base creation mechanics of the game. The game runs on a specific currency, so if you ever start to run low on it, look up Fallout 76 Caps to get them the easier way and boost your Fallout experience.


You didn’t seriously think we were going to keep Minecraft out of a base building listicle right?

To say that Minecraft features a superb building system is almost the same as saying that the sea features water, the whole game was built around the concept of letting your creativity fly as you shape a seemingly infinite world to your liking.

And you need no further proof of this than the artistic work some of the most dedicated fans have shared in the form of both mind-boggling recreations of real life structures and the creation of entirely new ones as well. If you somehow haven’t tried Minecraft yet, you must grab yourself a Minecraft key to see what all of this fuss is about.

Ark Survival

Think of an impressively realistic survival game with a unique setting and a focus on PVP. Then, add some dinosaurs on hyper-futuristic armor mounted by people with machine guns, and you have Ark Survival Evolved.

Flavor aside, Ark’s focus on PvP and survival mechanics give the bases you can build a functional element to them that really challenges you to be creative as you face the dangers of the wild.

Many people see the competitive element in these games as an obstacle to the fun of base building as new players tend to be at a disadvantage, but there is always the option of buying an advanced ARK Survival Evolved account and jumping straight to the fun part.


Enabling players to let their imagination loose is just one of the ways in which video games make our world better.

Can you imagine how many future architects  the games above may have helped in finding their true vocation, and how much practice time they landed to them, so they could develop their style? It’s hard to think about these things and not get a little excited for the future.

With this in mind, what is a video-game building that you would like to see in real life? Share your answer in the comments.


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