The Top Richest Football Clubs In The World In 2022

Maintaining the ranking of the most successful clubs depends largely on financial stability, the commitment and talent of the players, and effective coaching. This is why the most famous football teams have had a lot of success on the world stage over the years. They are the ones that have the most fans around the world.

Manchester City – $549.2m

  • Revenue per game: $47.6m
  • Broadcast revenue: $217.0m.
  • Commercial revenue: $284.6m.

A lot of money has been invested and spent at the club in recent years, which has earned the club many silverware awards. In 2020, revenues are down by $61 million, but Manchester City remains the sixth richest club in the world.

An average of 54,054 fans go to home games and the majority of revenue comes from massive broadcasting and commercial contracts.

On 27 November 2019, it was announced that Silver Lake Management, an American PE group investing mainly in technology, will invest $500m in Manchester City. It was the biggest privately financed deal in the history of a football club.

Such deals motivate clubs from the lower leagues to sign sponsorship deals with gambling companies, and players to bet Vulkan Bet on football.

Barcelona – $715m

  • Match revenue: 126,4 mln dollars
  • Broadcasting revenues: $248.5m
  • Commercial revenue: 340,2 million dollars

Club Barcelona has good support all over the world which helps them remain at the top of the list of rich clubs. Since its debut, Barcelona have won countless titles and broken virtually every record that exists in professional football.

Today, Barcelona Football Club is not only a team of successful athletes, but also

  • large stadium in Europe;
  • modern training centre;
  • sports fields.

The biggest influence on Barça’s development, however, comes from its loyal fans – some 150,000 members of the club, who are known as socis.

The sponsors play no small part in supporting the team. Last year alone, they generated a combined $8.2 billion in revenue, despite losses caused by Covid 19.

Some of the biggest names in football, such as Messi and Suárez, see that Barcelona are well supported around the world, which helps them remain high on the wealthy list.

Liverpool – $558.6m

  • Revenue per game: $82.7m
  • Broadcast revenue: $232.5m
  • Commercial revenue: $243.4m

Champions League glory in 2019 and second place in the Premier League provided Liverpool with a significant revenue boost. They followed that up with their first Premier League title in three decades in 2020.

Jurgen Klopp’s side climbed from seventh place to the top five last year despite a $46m drop in revenue. Revenues for all Premier League clubs in 2019-20 have suffered due to the pandemic that delayed the end of the season.

But a second-place finish in the league and the presence of two 2022 Africa Cup finalists make this team a potential contender for a place in the top three richest clubs for today football bet  in the world.


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